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(Mar 07, 2017)
good news! we have a seven days to die server again! IP is and port 25000
(Feb 13, 2017)
Please let me know what you think!
(Feb 12, 2017)
It's correct. it's super annoying.
(Feb 10, 2017)
Just read somewhere that when summoning the Brood, the Ape also gets spawned. Its a "feature" of the Center. Anyone know if this is true/false?
(Jan 30, 2017)
I hope therizinos can handle it
(Jan 28, 2017)
Going to need an army of rexes to get the new tek tier stuff!
(Jan 13, 2017)
Added 2 new mods that effectively add SE resources to the map and enable the engrams to craft them. Enjoy everyone :D.
(Dec 30, 2016)
Fair enough. It would be greatly appreciated. <3
(Dec 30, 2016)
The giant volcano cave has red crates in it.
(Dec 30, 2016)
Not AS good. But still good.
(Dec 30, 2016)
Are there any caves on the Center that have equally good loot crates as the Islands swamp cave?
(Dec 29, 2016)
Once we've got a rig to open it up on, sure. But we dont even have that yet.
(Dec 29, 2016)
Robin's question was going to be my next question. I'm chill with going to the Center, as I do love that map. But it'd be wonderful to at least get some of my creatures and gear from the Island.
(Dec 29, 2016)
Is it possible to open the Island/SE for a few days? initially they were due to be in stasis for 1-2 months so I didn't transfer everything across, but there are some Dino's and BPs I'd really like if they are to be closed for the foreseeable future.
(Dec 29, 2016)
Thing is. Noone logged into it other than kristoph and I for 1 whole month before I made the announcement. Everyone moved over to SE and Center once those opened up.
(Dec 28, 2016)
Woops, just noticed your message about the Discord. I'll try to find you on there soon. But I've still said what I wanted to say here.
(Dec 28, 2016)
Also, I'm sorry for spamming the shoutbox. I don't know of a better way to talk to you directly, Alpheus.
(Dec 28, 2016)
I know myself and several others have been waiting for it to come out of stasis. We've spent so much time and put in so much work on the Island. We don't want to start from scratch on the Center.