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Alpheus / Aug 22, 2016 / Ark News

Welp, I know people have been wanting a Center server for a while now.We now have a Center server we are now testing. Personally I wanna see what kindof an impact this will have on the community. Whether or not this will bring in more people, and ...

Alpheus / Aug 09, 2016 / Ark News

This treasure hunt has been discontinued as I have now made the redwood tree craftableIn this post I will be detailing how you can get your very own Redwood Tree.At the moment the redwood tree plot is disabled to avoid any sortof issues that may a...

Alpheus / Jul 25, 2016 / Ark News

Apologies for the late news post.If you're curious of what was discussed during this meeting, head on over to the following thread, courtesy of Juno :).

Alpheus / Jun 18, 2016 / Ark News

Unfortunately for this week I forgot to take a picture. The meeting itself was very impromptu, we weren't able to host one last week due to low attendance. But this one turned out quite well.Dont worry, we'll be getting on a weekly schedule again ...