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No Need To Apply Here. Join our Discord instead.

Alpheus / Nov 02, 2017 / Ark News
Hey there everyone, just wanted to make this post for newer players who are checking out our website.

As of right now we dont really use this website much except to store player stories and the odd bit of helpful information. However the forums are quiet and people dont really post here much. However our discord has constant activity on it.
Voice is not required, discord is more than just a chat app. People can keep up to date on server announcements, and changes all through the chat on discord.

So feel free to join us on discord! See you there!

Link To Join Discord Or Copy Paste

For those of you coming to this post from reddit, welcome!

Down below you should be able to find some links that will help guide you along to finding rules and other bits of information. If you have any questions feel free to drop a message in our discord and we'll be more than happy to help you out.
Also, there's no need to apply here, simply join our discord even if you dont necissarily use voice so you can keep up to date on the server. We dont use this website all that much anymore.

Server Rules



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