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New Server IP

Alpheus / Nov 08, 2016 / Ark News
Alright guys. We've got the server back up and running with a new IP. Everything should be alot more stable as far as IP changes go from now on.

The IP should be listed in the top left server info panel, as always.

I've also added 2 new neat mods that will change things up a bit.

ARK Customizer - Settings Evolved
This one is amazing. It's completely safe. There is one tiny error. But it's inconsequential. Upon removal of the mod, if you move an item to your inventory, it will reset it to the default stack size. However this isn't one of those shit stack mods, this is one of the good ones.

COICC Bugfix
This one fixes the issues we've been having with custom crafting costs not going through and erroring out. This should resolve it. Hopefully.


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