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Put Scorched Earth and The Island into Stasis

Alpheus / Oct 12, 2016 / Ark News
Something i'd like to say as well is that by no means is any of this permanent. This is just a temporary setback.

So it's looking as if our current provider is going to be cutting off the services with our current provider. I had a slight feeling this might happen. So it looks like we'll be moving our Center server over to another host until things can get resolved.

This will mean that you all should start moving your dinos and items over to The Center since we will be putting The Island and Scorched Earth into the vault if you will (Backing them up and holding onto them). That means player files, the world file. All of that will be held onto. Until we can get the 3 linked server arrangement back up and running.

I will also have no problem moving peoples player files over to the other servers.

Also, nothing will be lost on these worlds while they're tucked away. Nothing will be wiped. Nothing will get rolled back. So you dont have to fear of any loss. The moment the world is put back on a new server it will be just as you left it. No starved dinos, and no structures lost.

The host insists they are building their own server and should have it back up and running around late november to early december. From there on out we should have a stable service wherein we can bring hack the 3 linked servers.

Information as of 10/23
So Adrondre has offered to help us out with the server situation. We're gonna stick with 1 server for the time being until we can get a nice strong rig to handle all 3 at once. Once that is done we should be good.


Robin Hood
Perhaps I'm being dumb...but if nothing will be lost from the Island/SE, then why do we need to move everything to the center?
You dont have to. It's just an option if you need them for breeding. Changed the wording. The dinos will be there. Just you wont be able to access them for a month or two.
Robin Hood
Ah gotcha. So basically move across anything I'll need for the next month or so. I guess I should get set up on the Center then...

Edit: Do you have any special powers that will let us transfer water dinos?
Nay unfortunately :(
Apparently you can use deep sea crates to transmit them to the obelisk. All the options should be there.
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