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We now have a Scorched Earth Server! Server Transfers, Cave PvP, Cave Loot Crates and Cave Flying

Alpheus / Sep 02, 2016 / Ark News
Head on over to the link below to discuss this :D

The Link Below

The server info is on the left panel on the main page.
You should be able to see it on this page in the to left.

Here are some small details you all should know:

Server Rules
  • The same server rules apply. For now. This server could have VERY different rules over some time.
  • It will have all of the same rates. For now.
  • It will have all of the same mods. For now.
  • Currently donators kits will be nontransferable. I'd like to see if the server can sustain itself with donations from people that exclusively play on Scorched Earth. Once thats determined we may allow transferable donation kits. Kits are now shareable across maps. The kits are culminative. Meaning if you have 3 recolors, and you use 1 on the center, and one on scorched earth, you have 1 left.
  • Sheriffs and Scribes have jurisdiction over both servers. Again, for now.
  • I will be making a forge building, and other public buildings there.

To learn about transfers and all that. Check Out This Post.



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