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We now have a Center Server!

Alpheus / Aug 22, 2016 / Ark News

Welp, I know people have been wanting a Center server for a while now.

We now have a Center server we are now testing. Personally I wanna see what kindof an impact this will have on the community. Whether or not this will bring in more people, and so on. Please dont take your base locations/acquisitions all that seriously right now. As it may all be gone in the blink of an eye.

The server info is on the left panel on the main page.
You should be able to see it on this page in the to left.

Here are some small details you all should know:

Server Rules
  • Click the link above, or the Server Rules in the top left of the page to see the rules for this server.
  • Sheriffs and Scribes have jurisdiction over from The Island will have the same jurisdiction here.
  • I will be making a forge building, and other public buildings there.

More info to come!


I really like the Center map, loved playing it before! I look forward to stalking you on both maps!
Robin Hood
I've not spent more than a few hours on it. Looking forward to exploring the map later today.
When playing on The Center, should we be using the same character names or are brand new characters encouraged?
Hmmm. Thats definitely a good question. I would say use whatever you guys want. We can say that the island and the center are connected via the obelisks and we're going between them.
So a space and time continium like Sid and Marty?
Robin Hood
I'm using the same - already RP it out that it was due to stepping on a strange teleportation device whilst searching for loot in a cave.
Well, I am thinking it's like this. I might make a post about it. Basically the barrier between the maps will vanish, or fail. Noone will know for certain. First expeditioners can be the ones who discover this. However the failure in this barrier removes everything from you posession wise. So it's a fresh start. All of your memories can remain if you so wish. However learned abilities. Talents. All of it seems gone. You will feel weaker and alot more vulnerable due to this gate.

I am kindof excited too because the patch notes includes some info about the obelisks and transferring.
"The Gateway, Cross-ARK travel & Cross-Official-Server Transfer"
Once this is done, I am wondering HOW it will be configured. Because the ageold 'on/off' switch was kindof dumb. If we can somehow configure WHAT servers we can transfer things from. Perhaps I could add in the IP for the center server and vice versa. That would be amazing. :)

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