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Ark Trading Post

[Pinned] The Black Wolf Trading Company [Island/Center/Scorched Earth]

In this post I will list the blueprints in my shop that I can craft you somethings with.If you'd like to purchase an item, you must send me ingame mail (Black Wolf Trade Center mailbox) detailing what item you'd like to purchase, and your payment ...
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Alpheus113785Small Alpheus 2y
Ark Trading Post

Cassius' High-end Pets [Island]

I'm trying to breed the best argents, pteras, sabers, and direwolves (for now, this list will probably be expanded). Right now, my best breeds are argents.Prices are | (or). So x ingots OR x polymer OR x gunpowder (not and).Argentavis (I have a ...
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Cassius6538Member avatar small Heathen 2y
Ark Trading Post

120 Dino Bounties [Island]

I'll pay well for coords to 120 carnos, sabers, direwolves, direbears, pteras, and argents. I'll also pay if you have a perfect tamed 120 of those animals.I have a bunch of good gear and a lot of pretty much all mats. Just let me know what you w...
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Ark Trading Post

In the Market for... [Island]

We are currently wishing to expand the Farm at Sojali, and we would love to have the addition of a pair of Giga's, or even a couple of fertlised eggs so that we may raise them ourselves.If anyone can help us, please do not hesitate to contact myse...
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Ark Trading Post

Sea Dwellers Treasure Chest [Island]

Welcome to Sea Dwellers Treasure Chest.A place where you can purchase exotic goods or trade your excess materials away for what you really need.Working on the doc that will show all I have available. Current good items:Mastercraft Riot Chestpiece...
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Ark Trading Post

Red Hot Robin Hood Auctions! [Island]

Roll up, roll up. Welcome to Robin Hood's Blueprint auctions!I currently have 2 blueprints for sale. Don't ask where I found them and don't tell the Sheriff....lets just say these are hot items I need to sell fast ;-)I am currently only accepting ...
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Ark Trading Post

Dodo Breeding Co. Market [Island]

WORK IN PROGRESS - PLEASE DON'T POSTWelcome to DBC's Market. If you're here that likely means you're looking for a good dino to help you survive on the ARK. Dodo Breeding Co. specializes in breeding quality dinos for all purposes and if we don't h...
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Ark Trading Post

Cassius' High-end Blueprints [Island]

List of all of most of my best blueprints (I do keep some things for myself), if anyone is interested in purchasing something off of me:Saddles Ascendant Quetz saddle - 87.5 armor (Hide: 20,988 | Fiber: 13,992 | Paste: 2,798 | Pearls: 2,378) Maste...
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Cassius71383Small Cassius 2y
Ark Trading Post

Chimera Trading Center (Dino Auctions) [Island]

The Kingdom has authorized dino auctions.Will post dinos when available and the item with starting price that they will be auctioned for.
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