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Survivor Journals

Journals of Zacharí

Entry One: I awoke as if from a dream, my entire life but a distant memory, a vision from which I had just risen in order to greet the day. It was as though I had been freshly made, a newborn just birthed into the world. It was peaceful.I was Zach...
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Survivor Journals

Mayen: The hope of an Empire

CHAPTER ONE: A prophecy...Opening his eyes, Mayen stood in the open and before him was an ocean. He was not anymore in that humble house of his uncle Soren in the village of Mildoyest... He was no longer sleeping on hay beside his father Rowen... ...
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Survivor Journals

The Lost Angel

PrologueWhat horrors might they have suffered, these mortals who walk the earth? This answer, I know not, for there is a great veil of darkness draped over me, without form and without reason, without sound and without life; nothing lies before m...
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Survivor Journals

The Ancestors

I am not sure what the Ancestors have in store for me, nor which way my Destiny should go, but at the moment it seems to be heading towards matters of the heart. This is most unexpected!I have never before been remotely interested in finding some ...
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Survivor Journals

New Dawn

It had dawned on me that there was no record of my existence. If something was to happen to me, it would be like I never lived. Nothing besides a few remaining bones and piles of rubble."I woke up, the sun heating up the sand and burning my feet. ...
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Survivor Journals

Journals of Ciri

Log 1I feel exhausted, yet sleep evades me. The classic trick about counting dodos fails me. Even the light of my fireplace does not give me the normal comfort from its warmth or from the crackle of each flame. The fire reminds me of the incident ...
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Survivor Journals

Ranulf's Journal

The Beginning of It AllIt has been a long time since Ciri taught me a set runes and how to read them. This is the first time since then that I have had a reason to really use them. I am not even sure where to start. What led to me appearing on the...
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Survivor Journals

Righteous Adventures: Gaia's Journal

First Entry:Dear Journal,Oh my gosh, I don't even know what this place is, but I'm here now and with the best sister ever. I don't remember everything, but like, I remember enough of things to know that Toto is definitely not in Kansas anymore, n...
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Survivor Journals

Sir P4's Journal

As I lie here about to drift off after another long day in this place the words of Sir Ross ring through my head “why don’t you start a journal for the day’s events”. Every night since we have been here I have seen him writing on some crudely made...
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Survivor Journals

Juno of Valka

Where do I even begin? This whole experience is confusing at best, to say the least. I don't know where I am, or when for that matter. I suppose I'll continue with the last date that I remember.Marain 4324 12 CCDay 1I will chronicle what I know...
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Survivor Journals

Hidden Treasure

Dear Diary,I do not trust the other islanders, I fear they are trying to steal my loot. I have made the wise decision to hide some my most precious loot in 5 small storage boxes scattered throughout the island. Each contains multiple Ascendant ite...
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Survivor Journals

The Story of Rucks

Before the day I found myself ashore of a strange island , I was a profound adventurer always finding some spice to my life. Adventuring around and everywhere to find the deepest darkest secrets of everything. Now I find myself in a complete new p...
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Survivor Journals

Sir William's Log

I was whisked away into the blackness that acompanies daedric curses. When my vision returned I found myself stranded on the beaches of an island. Upon a quick search of my surroundings I found my fellow knight P4 was a slight distance away d...
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Survivor Journals

The Black Legacy

"Work harder....""Stop complaining so much and just get it done...""Are you crying again? Twelve years old and you cry like a little girl!"The sound of mostly what stuck with him throughout the years as his father struck him...."I wont have the th...
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