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[Pinned] Rules Modifications

In this post I will be detailing and dating rules modifications so it's more easy than ever to keep up to date on changes.[6/8/2016]Additions:- Attacks on spare bases can actively be defended against. Retribution on main bases due to losses from t...
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Alpheus8870Small Alpheus 2y
Ark Support

[Pinned] Information Center (Frequently Asked Questions & Useful Links)

In this thread I will be answering alot of questions I see commonly asked, as well as providing links to useful things our playerbase should know about our server.Will be constantly working on this thread and updating it from here on out.Helpful L...
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Alpheus15014Small Alpheus 2y
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[Pinned] Ark Donators Kits

Below we will some facts about the recolors and kits. Dino Recolors are NOT Warpaint, they cannot be removed by other players. Dino Recolors affect breeding color traits as the commands change the natural colors of the creature. Colorful babehs!...
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[Pinned] Ark Server Rules Violation Report Template

As the servers grow more and more each day, occasionally we will have people who dont care about our rules. Some wont hide their obnoxious behavior and make it obvious, however there are occasionally those who will remain around to cause even more...
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Details on the Server Mod

Below I will list the features of the server mod so people can see whats available to them.Will be adding more details on each item later on.Last Updated: 11/22/2017However I still have yet to have absolutely everything on here, it is atleast mode...
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Alpheus1563Small Alpheus 1y
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Cannot Connect

Is this server even online? I downloaded all the mods and it refuses to let me connect. It keeps telling me I cannot query the network or something.
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Lenny3261Small Alpheus 2y
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Body glitched after death

Hiii! So my driver crashed while I was flying, and my body was stuck in the air. Built a platform up to it but still not able to access it. Wouldn't much care except I had my 150% apprentice bow on me at the time. :-/I'll be on and off throughout ...
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Shoulder animals

For anyone that carries animals on their shoulders, they have changed the key bind.The shoulder throw is now double tap F.It was changed from E to F to prevent accidents happening due to E being used for other things.
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Knikitta2212Member avatar small Heathen 2y
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Everything I owned disappeared. Center server.

Everything, but my personal equipment that I had on.
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Christophe Blackburn2195Small Alpheus 2y
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Settings for making life Playable in Ark?

So, I have a potato for a PC, as such my graphics are 'derp' for want of a better word. I have had no problems playing with my silly low settings until this recent patch/expansion thingy. Now I can not move at all on Island and Center.So I wondere...
Small Knikitta 2y
Knikitta8439Small Juno 2y
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Keep on timing out when trying to join.

Okay so I was all like "This server has less lag than the officials I've plaid on" now I keep timing out when trying to join the server.... (which is usually the best running server I've plaid on, don't let it sway you from joining it if you have ...
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Heathen2194Small Alpheus 2y
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Probably a question for Alpheus. As I believe I told you at some point, this Friday I will be leaving my current place for 2 weeks and am not bringing my PC with. How does decay work on this server? Do I need to worry about starting over when I ge...
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