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#12847832 Nov 11, 2016 at 11:03 AM · Edited over 2 years ago
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Patched the Center server to v254.89
Changed the loot tables for dinos that had loot tables before. Making it more rewarding to kill and collect goodies!
Did some changes to crafting costs for some more S+ Items. This is to cull the S+ Spam and avoid any server lag that will come with an overuse of S+ items.

Patched the Center server to 253.995
Made some tweaks to supply crates rarities
Made some changes to prices in the sell benches
Added 4 new currency mods for trading dinos, and items between eachother.
Capitalism Currency
Capitalism Dino Table
Capitalism Advanced Player Table
Capitalism Sell Table

Patched the Center server to v253.95
Tweaked some Volcano spawns.
Replaced Mantis at Volcano Island with Allosauruses.
Added Fire Wyverns to another Volcano Island spawn node to increase consistency in spawns. (Might be too many wyverns)
Reduced the cost of Crystal at the vendors down to 4 GP from 5 GP

Patched the Center server to v253.9
Tweaked some Volcano spawns. More deathworms.
Added Mantis to the volcano spawns

Deathworms & Alpha Deathworms now spawn on volcano Island. Happy Hunting.
Reduced the stack size on some items.
If you already have them inside of a container, don't move the entire stack into your inventory otherwise it will erase the excess and move it down to the current stack size. Keep them in the container.
Items affected:
Stone (1000)
Wood (1000)
Hide (1000)
Fiber (2000)

Patched the Center server to v253.51
Further tweaked Cnidaria spawns at the bottom of the ocean.
Decreased spoil timers on Raw Meat.
Tweaked resource respawn timers. (Longer to respawn)

Patched the Center server to v253.1
Added Megalosaurus to cave spawns (Beta)
Further Tweaked Volcano Island Wyvern spawns

Supply Crate Changes:
Added new saddles to crates

Patched the Center server to v250.2
Disabled Fliers in caves. (Was just a bit too easy to get crates and flee. I might readd it in the future once the devs add in more dangerous anti-fliers.

Patched the Center server to v250.1
Tabula Rasa:
Reduced the spawns of Wyverns all over the map and forced them to exclusively spawn in the mountains & the lava island on The Center.
Enabled Wyvern manual taming. You can now tame Wyverns by knocking them out in the wild. They seem to like all of the top kibbles, rex/spino/quetzal and so on. Check the mod page for more info.

Patched the Center server to v250.0

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