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It had dawned on me that there was no record of my existence. If something was to happen to me, it would be like I never lived. Nothing besides a few remaining bones and piles of rubble.

"I woke up, the sun heating up the sand and burning my feet. In front of me, stood a trike, milling about its business in the usual fashion. Fear ran through my body like a speeding bullet. How did I get here? Where is my family? What the hell is this?!" I shook the sand out of my hair, making my way into the shade to at least get a break from the heat.

Flash forward a few weeks. I had found these large and mysterious eggs not too far from my base. There was three of them in total, one of a red and black color, and two of green and black. They were cracked and appeared to be glowing. I looked at my tribemate, and with a slow nod of her head I knew we must hatch them. Whatever we found inside the egg would have to be dealt with. And, after a log frustration of lighting fires and heating the egg, two wyverns appeared! One seemed to have died, but the two that we had were gorgeous. We had seen them flying around the server but never dreamed of having our own! These seemed to take a liking to us and even let us ride them within due time.

A few more months had passed and now we had the new base under construction. There has been an increasingly large number of gigas hanging out around my base, enough to scare me into getting a new setup. Everybody was being housed in doors. Now, our tribe had four members and over 100 dinos. Rexs, Queztals, Argents, and even dragons, we had it all. As soon as this new base gets built, we'll be untouchable."

So, from here on out there will be a weekly update about the stuff that I find out about this mysterious land called Ark. And, in the event that these logs stop, do not come looking for me, for one day, this ark will claim my life.
Founder of the Night's Watch on the Center Server <3
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