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Welcome to the Night's Watch

Since you're reading this, I'm guessing you're looking to find a tribe to survive the lonely nights of the Ark with, and let me start by telling you, you're in the right place! The Night's Watch is a very active tribe, and constantly looking for new, active members to join our ranks! We offer a large variety of tamed dinos to travel the Ark with, and lots of equipment to better assist you in the daily activities.

What We Have To Offer:
  • A large supply of eggs, narcotics, and bows to tame any dino the Ark has to offer.
  • Supplies like armor and weapons to help you survive anything the Ark can throw at you.
  • A wide range of tools to gather the best resources across the map
  • A completely packed library to help any player craft whatever they might need

  • A discord account so we can talk within the tribe
  • Active on the server at least once a week. There are no daily goals, but I do want at least active members.
  • Remember this is a game, please. Some members will want to tame all day or build beautiful structures, and some will not. There is beauty in diversity.
  • And a good attitude towards the game. If something pushes you down, just get right back up and keep going!

We push ourselves to not only become one of the largest tribes on the server, but also one of the friendliest. We are always ready to help out a player in need, whether they are an old friend or a new one. Ark happens, but we can make the world around us safer every day.

Founder of the Night's Watch on the Center Server <3
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