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As I lie here about to drift off after another long day in this place the words of Sir Ross ring through my head “why don’t you start a journal for the day’s events”. Every night since we have been here I have seen him writing on some crudely made paper that he had crafted form some of the plants here. Secretly I thought that he was crazy and I wanted nothing to do with something so silly but well here I am now.
So it all started back in my homeland were Ross and I were deep in the forest tracking the game beast of a lifetime that would have brought our group a lot of fame and wealth but as we were bringing the mighty beast down all went black. When I opened my eyes I was no longer in a forest and all my hunting gear was gone and I was alone on a beach were when I looked out upon the water I could see no land. After a few minutes I had heard a voice and saw Ross running toward me from just down the beach it was kind of a relief to see him. After a chat we decided to set up a camp until we could figure out what to do and were we were.
Days passed and we slowly figured things out and learned that we were not alone but there were others here that were similar but yet very different from us some were friendly and helpful and others were more reserved.
We had figured out that the creatures of this land were like nothing I could have ever imagined some were friendly and some tried to kill us on sight. It didn’t take long before we had started to figure out how to befriend the creatures witch ranged in size and the ability’s that they had but they became close allies quickly in our struggle on this land.
Even now I still don’t know the purpose for us being brought to this world but it has brought Ross and me closer together.
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