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Before the day I found myself ashore of a strange island , I was a profound adventurer always finding some spice to my life. Adventuring around and everywhere to find the deepest darkest secrets of everything. Now I find myself in a complete new place where everything was new and the land is strange. It is no longer the city I was at and I cannot remember what happened before this. I only remember the faint voices that says " His chosen for it , along with the others." I was curious on what the voices meant by the others and what it means to be chosen. Without further ado the cold night was approaching along with the darkness that will devour all light. With my own bare hands I had to punch the bark of the nearby tress for firewood and to start a campfire. With that done , hunger and thirst starts to come. Thankfully the water at the "sea" was clean enough to drink from. There were strange creatures around and I used the wood and some stones around the beach to make a spear and started hunting for food. These birds gave the least problem for food and I obtained some hide that will prove to be useful in the future. I had the basic things I needed to survive with clean water and some source of food. I can smell danger and my adventuring senses are tingling but for now, I need to rest and start my new adventure soon.
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