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"Work harder...."
"Stop complaining so much and just get it done..."
"Are you crying again? Twelve years old and you cry like a little girl!"

The sound of mostly what stuck with him throughout the years as his father struck him.
"I wont have the this families name and legacy be soiled by a fuck up. Get your shit together."

There was a silence as Alpheus stared out of his office window out into the city

"Sir, are you alright?"

His assistant asked again. It took a moment for him to even notice the young man "Yes, what is it?"
The young man shook it off. A real fear in his eyes as he knew if he pried he might lose his job. "The board needed you to sign off on a few things before friday... And it's friday sir"

"Alright, just leave them on my desk. I'll hand them back to you before the end of the work day"

That was all I could remember. The rest was a complete blur. His family, his families legacy. All of it was gone in the blink of an eye. When he awoke he was freezing cold. The sound of waves crashing behind him. "Where the..?" he said aloud. It took a moment before his eyes had finally adjusted and he saw him. The man looked just like him in every way "You'll have to forgive the appearance. But you are the only template I have to work with for the time being as you are the first arrival here."

"Where the hell is here?" Alpheus demanded. But the man seemed to ignore him and only continued his message, as if it were pre-recorded.

"You will be here for a very long time. Perhaps the rest of your life. This is my ark. The things you did in your life, the leadership you displayed, I want you to utelise that to help me build this ark into something amazing."

Alpheus kicked a rock and watched it soar through the illusion before him. "A hologram. Figures..."

"You will hear of other arks like this one. Arks where such things as mass murder and mass destruction are all that serves to amuse my peers. I however want to see something different. I want to see a different side of humanity. Show it to me."

The hologram vanished and so it began.

((This will serve as the introduction to my character and his arrival on the island. Different stories will be told in strange orders. Alot of it will be a very first person approach. However occasionally I may tell them in story form, but they wont be journals at that point, nor will they be wrote down ICly kindof like these journals will be. They'll basically just serve as small stories for you guys to learn about the islands lore a bit :).))
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Day 5042

What the hell does one write in these things? I started one of these a while ago. I scribbled random stuff down for the sake of remembering incase I ever got free of this place so I could tell some people back home. But I ended up losing all of it as my raft sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Years passed by and I just gave up on writing anything down. However I now realise that writing all of this down might be a good thing as I get older and my memory gets foggier. Should prove convenient. Just don't know how yet.

Much to my surprise, Juno hasn't died off yet as she turned up at the volcano to spy on me through my glass gates again. It was nice to see her not dead, but I really need to install some blinds.

Maybe at some point i'll try to remember my old journals on the previous settlers. The ones no longer with us. But for now i've got my hands full. Building these giant walls is tiring as all hell. Their gigantic and I really like them. Hopefully when I've managed to loop all the way around it'll keep the annoying birds out.

I've also informed the others of my plans to build a communal dock. The Overseer has granted me a teleportation device for this as well. Should prove convenient for fishing.

I need to get back into doing adventuring again as well. I've heard word of some of the bats chewing through my wires and stopping some of my elevators. Damned flying rats.
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