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#12604162 Aug 06, 2016 at 07:21 PM
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Dear Diary,

I do not trust the other islanders, I fear they are trying to steal my loot. I have made the wise decision to hide some my most precious loot in 5 small storage boxes scattered throughout the island. Each contains multiple Ascendant items but all 5 boxes contain the same items to deter one person from stealing from all 5 boxes. I have hidden them in the open, not in any buildings so that no one will suspect anything and will not need to break down any walls to obtain them. I am confident no one will find them and for my own benefit have placed a trophy of the immune nearby so I can locate them. I have hidden one in the snow, another in the swamp, one in a forest near a river, one underwater and the final one under a cliff by the coast.

I just hope no one finds this diary. If they do I wonder if they will write in it if they find one of my treasure crates?....hmmm did I remember to lock the loot crates?

- R
#12606307 Aug 07, 2016 at 04:31 PM
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I woke in the middle of the night, filled with fear. Had I misjudged the other islanders and perhaps one or two of them are smarter than I have given credit for? Although unlikely, I decided I should check the crate hidden in the swamp as it was nearest to my home. At first it was hard to find, but the red glow of the trophy I had so wisely placed in the near vicinity of the loot box helped me identify it. Thankfully it was still nighttime, or I would never have seen that red glow!

The contents of the box were still safe. Stupid islanders! I must check the other crates tomorrow.

- R
#12607271 Aug 08, 2016 at 04:56 AM
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Killed his guardian sarco and stole all the treasures ! I hope he dosen't find out about this.

#12607706 Aug 08, 2016 at 08:00 AM
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When I awoke this morning, I knew something was wrong. Normally my pets would be playing in the forest, tossing the dodos from one side of the pen to the other, but today it was silence. I whistled for my favorite Dimorphodon, Dimmy, for an explanation on what had happened.

Dimmy informed me that he had word from his wild cousins in the swamp that a fat man wearing black and red armor had found and stolen my hidden treasure. The fattest man I know is Friar Tuck, but I have not seen him in months. Could he have made it to the island? It could not be him, there is no way he would be sober enough to go treasure hunting. Unfortunately there are many other fat men on this island, the overlord being the fattest of them all, although he surely would not be smart enough to find my treasure?

I must check on my other hidden treasure boxes later today and will report back. I will also be keeping a careful eye out for this mysterious fat man in future...
#12609073 Aug 08, 2016 at 04:31 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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#12609647 Aug 08, 2016 at 10:23 PM
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I had bad dreams last night. I couldn't get the image of the fat man in the black and red armor out of my head. Does he know about my other treasure crates hidden on the island or would he be satisfied with just the one? I also had a nightmare of a different man with a bizarre hat searching for my loot. I know that man...I've seen that hat before. But surely it could not be the one who calls himself my friend? In my nightmare he was different to how I remember. The lure of the treasure drove him into a mad rage, smashing every rock in sight like a man who had been bitten by too many Meganeuras. Surely this was just a nightmare and not real?

At first light, I had to check the treasure crate that I had seen in my dream, so I traveled to the south west corner of the map, where I used to rest my head. The loot had gone and had been replaced by a note from Stan, mocking me for stealing my treasure. Poor Stan. The poisonous bug bites have clearly driven him insane. I shall keep an eye on him and when he is not looking, I shall take that hat for myself.

So that leaves 3 treasure chests left, nothing could have happened to them...? How wrong could I be.

I made the long journey to the very north of the island where I needed to wrap up much warmer. By the time I had arrived, there was a blizzard blowing, so I needed to wait out the weather in the alcove where I hid my box, which was still full of my valuables. The direwolfs could not see me in there either, although the nearby Giga made me leave the area as soon as I could!

I have had no indication that there had been a theft from a 3rd crate, so was stunned when I found the chest in the forest by the west coast empty. I had expected this to be my most well hidden due to the dense forest, but alas it was empty and I have no clues to the culprit. The muddy surface around the box showed no sign of footprints, so it cannot be the work of the fat man. Perhaps someone more light footed stole the treasure. Could it be Ciri, the self proclaimed queen? I have had my doubts for some time about her true royalty status. She seems more of a slaver, capturing the new wash-ups to the island to do her work. Hmmm...I should not jump to conclusions. Perhaps a Mesopithecus stole the treasure and is wearing an Ascendant flak helmet, shooting arrows into Phiomia's butts!

So two more treasure crates remain. I decided to wait until tomorrow before checking the crate I so skillfully hid underwater. Besides, I doubt anyone would have been able to get past the Plesios that guard the entrance to the cave!

- R

#12614316 Aug 10, 2016 at 04:04 PM
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The shock of losing 3 of my treasure crates so quickly was overwhelming, yet I am still adamant that hiding my loot was the right choice as I am sure the mysterious fat man and his companions are contemplating a full scale raid on my base. I must hide more of my loot quickly before it is too late and I plan to start scouting out new sites containing different items in the near future. The bottom of a nearby lake might be a good option. I am sure no one will look down there!

I took my Mosasaur down to the depths of the ocean late last night to check on one of my hidden treasure chests. Half expecting to find it empty, I was stunned by what I saw. Not only was the chest full of my loot, but it now contained a note from Stan and an additional item I have been craving for the past few days since I had the vision of crazy Stan frantically searching for my loot. In the chest was a fedora hat of my very own! This is worth more than any hidden treasure, so I must forgive Stan for his thievery...what a strange man he is!

In the early hours of the following morning, just as the sun was rising, I ventured up to the cold north to check on the other remaining treasure box and was delighted to find it full of goodies. As I was in such a good mood from finally getting one over on the other islanders and it was truly a beautiful morning I decided to spend some time painting the sunrise from the near vicinity of my hidden crate. I don't think I quite captured the colors of the sky as good I as could, but overall I am fairly happy with it.

#12619775 Aug 12, 2016 at 07:43 PM
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My lucky break! I've found an old hidden stash of loot. I'm sure whoever put this here won't miss it. They probably froze to death by now anyway.
#12629376 Aug 16, 2016 at 01:01 PM
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It has been a calm couple of days in Sherwood Forest. The familiar sound of the Carnos bullying the Dodos had returned and I was able to turn my attention to other things rather than worry about the islanders searching for my hidden loot. One of the things I had been working on was replenishing my treasure supplies by searching the nearby cave. After a lengthy battle against hundreds of the most poisonous scorpions I have ever come across, I found a treasure crate deep in the caverns which gave me the knowledge to create Ascendant torches that stay alight for days. Delighted with my find, I immediately crafted these torches and traveled up to the snow to add one to my hidden treasure crate.

There had been a blizzard recently so walking up the slope to my treasure create was tough work with the snow coming up to my knee on every step. I brushed the snow off the top of my crate and added the new torch to the existing pile of treasure that had not been touched since I had last checked on the contents a few days before. Not wanting to hang around in the cold for any longer, I jumped on my bird and proceeded to fly away.

After a few minutes of flight I turned back and saw the faint outline of a figure running in the direction of my treasure. How could I have been so stupid not to have covered up my tracks in the snow?! In no time at all he was at my treasure, moving with such grace and agility jumping over the deep snow that I had found so tough to navigate and in seconds he was gone...and so was my treasure.

When I was a young boy my grandfather would tell me many tales of warriors from the east who had the ability to move so quickly and gracefully. These men were called "Ninjas". Was this man a Ninja...or a Snow Ninja...hmmm...perhaps them call them Sninjas? I did not recognize this Sninja. I wonder if he is a new washup to the island or if he has been hiding in the snow for a long time perfecting his abilities. Does he know that I saw him taking my treasure? Does he know where my last remaining treasure box is hidden? I must check on it immediately...
#12630443 Aug 16, 2016 at 08:09 PM
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My underwater treasure crate is safe and I added the ascendant torch to my hidden stash. It is not a surprise that no one has managed to find this hidden box. The wild Plesios act as guardians and seem to be attracted to this corner of the map. I wonder if it is the smell of the beer from the Tavern up above, that attracts them here?
#12640608 Aug 20, 2016 at 12:53 PM
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Hehehe found another hidden treasure ! All mine !

#12642598 Aug 21, 2016 at 09:23 AM · Edited over 1 year ago
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Phew what a hot day! After spending a relaxing day fishing, I decided I needed to cool off by going for a dip in the ocean. Just as I jumped in, a dead Plesio floated to the top of the sea. On investigation it appeared to have bled to death, due to a massive hole in its neck. The hole looked like the shape of a man's fist, only much larger. This must surely be the work of the fat man. Finally a clue to his location!

I jumped on my Mosasaur and traveled to the depth of the ocean as I had to track this man down and recover what he had stolen from me. It did not take long to find more clues as I came across dozens more dead Plesios all displaying the same puncture wounds to the neck. Before long I realized that I was at the bottom of the ocean by the cave where I had hidden my treasure...and there he was...the fat man, far bigger than I could possibly imagine. It was a terrifying sight. His huge bulky frame swinging wildly at every sea creature that came near him, fists flying with tremendous power in all directions. Those sea creatures did not stand a chance against this savage fat man. In under a minute everything in the ocean was dead and I could barely see the fat man through all the blood as he entered the underwater cave where I had hid my treasure.

Hastily I had to retreat. This man is not to be messed with. I had to let him take my treasure, otherwise I too would end up like one of those dead creatures.
#12643663 Aug 21, 2016 at 05:18 PM
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All 5 of my hidden crates had been discovered by the Islanders. The Fat Man, Crazy Stan, the Sninja and one unknown Islander had taken so much from me that I had worked so hard to obtain. I needed to take my mind away from all I had lost and decided that another trip to the depths of a cave would be the perfect remedy.

I ventured to the North East of the map, looking for the old mining cave in the hope that there might be some valuable materials still left behind. On entry to the cave I immediately spotted an old mining elevator that had been abandoned many years ago. If I could get it working it would save me a considerable amount of time to reach the bottom of the cave where the rich materials are rumoured to lie. However as I approached the rusty elevator the ground gave way, I lost my footing and started to fall to my death...

"Always carry a Parachute!"

l remember those wise words well, although I do not know who spoke them, but I owe them my life. I pulled the cord to release my chute and slowly and safely fell to the ground. As I was floating to the bottom of the ground, I spotted a shape of one of the fiercest creatures on the island. Surely my eyes deceived me?

The creature must have lost all sense of smell and sight as it left me alone as I touched down on the cave floor and proceeded to search the bottom for treasure. I wonder how many years this thing has been here. One day I must come back to kill it and put it out of it's misery, but not today as I was not well enough equipped to do so. The cave floor was incredibly disappointing, with no treasure in sight. I did find a dead miner at the bottom of the cave though, who had appeared to have died from a broken neck many years ago. It looks like I was not the only victim of that rusty elevator! I searched his pockets for valuables and all he had on him was a small parchment:

"The Golden House contains the treasures you seek,
But only the strongest can enter as it is no place for the weak,
Find the house on the hill, where the warm hits the cold,
Inside contains many treasures, but only for the bold"

What does this mean?? Is this a clue to some hidden treasure? I must investigate immediately...or perhaps after one or two Tintoberry beers!
#12644357 Aug 21, 2016 at 11:15 PM
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Each day on this island becomes more bizarre than the previous. I had spent all night reading the parchment (and drinking Tintoberry Beer!) and knew where I had to go for the first stage of this treasure hunt. It was an area I had been many times before, but on this occasion it was very different to how I had remembered it. On the land that would typically be crawling with wild rexes and not much else, this time a Mysterious Golden House stood.

As I approached the front door and placed my hand on the door handle, a loud booming voice came from inside the building:

Many treasures lie inside,
Fertilized eggs, that you can make alive.
Mastercraft blueprints, for the best armor,
Ascendant weapons, if you don't care about karma.
The best tools to gather resources from the wild,
A protective shield to defend even a small child,
The strongest of saddles, to increase your pets might
And medium crop plot blueprints, just out of spite!

Many treasures lie inside,
to gather entry, the pincode, you must provide,
Door 1, requires a 4 digit code,
4 signposts, painted golden, you can find in the snow,
each sign contains one number with the code you desire
arrange the numbers in the correct order, and entry you will inspire
but beware there are traps and fierce creatures alive,
these must be killed if you wish to survive.

Open door 1 and you will be rewarded,
But not if you are second to enter, another will be instead,
The deeper inside you go, the better treasure you will find,
But you must open doors 2 & 3, if you don't mind!
Door 2 is pincoded, just like door 1,
4 more signs you must discover, closest to the sun,
Door 3, requires a human sacrifice to get inside
A human Implant from the one called "Alpheus" you must provide,

Many treasures lie inside,
However there are some rules you must abide,
Use no explosives to gain entry
or the wraft of the gods you will attract aplenty

Hmmm.... a treasure hunt! Time to find my fur armor and search for these codes in the snow!
#12645606 Aug 22, 2016 at 09:48 AM
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What a fool! He tough I could not smell his tamed well maintained mosasaurus ! When I turned around, veins bulging from my neck I could not see him in the cave, water splashing on the edge did not lie tough.

I managed to find out where this strange slander man lived, he has powerful friends and is well known around the island, it was easy for me to track him down. Asking to different fellow islander I knew that once I saw him, I could not harm him, or I would become prey in my own domain.

3 days slushing around the bushes, playing cards with my bear, he did not seem to understand it all, but still enjoyed it. Until he finally got out of his fortress, his bird was slow, easy to follow around on my bear. When I saw what I believe was his source of power and why he was so respected around the island, a magical construct, hidden from sight.

I stood there while the construct was talking to him, taking notes, I knew whatever this creation was would have answers.

I know the northern lands and the heights of this islands like the hairs on my chin, it was a piece of cake for me to get trough the first and second mechanisms, traps made to kill animal, I am used to such fools trickery.

The third mechanism asked for a sacrifice, at first I tough I had heard wrong so I skipped over and decided to see for myself. But I had not been deceived. I will have to kill who we all know as our overseer, Alpheus. Could he be killed ? Should he be killed ? Have we all been lied for years. Maybe Queen Ciri was right when she said to me that Alpheus was an overseer avatar, not the overseer itself. The slender man also heard what the construct said, maybe I should keep an eye on him ...

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