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In this post we will list off the current laws enforced by the Black Summit.

This page is not complete and is a work in progress.


-Animal Neglect
Animal left in the wild without an owner there to take care of it.
Fine: ?

-Domestication Hinderance
Killing or harming of an animal whilest the domestication process has begun.
Fine: ?

-Animal Abuse/Battery
Intentional harming of an already domesticated creature. (Culling is not counted)
Fine: ?

-Black Forge Traffic Blocking
Parking your animal in or around the entrance into the Forge building or in front of the stargate.
Fine: ?

-Illegal Anky/Doed Parking
Your Doed/Anky MUST be fully within the railings, a tail or head sticking out is a violation of this law.
Fine: ?

-------Land Ownership/Boat Parking

-Iceberg Construction/Obstruction of Penguin Habitat
Building of any kind on any of the islands icebergs. Boats do not count.
Fine: ?

-------Disorderly Conduct

-------Permits & Licenses (Under Work, not enforced)

-Boat Parking License
Allows for islanders to have a boat parked anywhere for any amount of time away from their main compound.
If it is the users primary home at that time, then obviously a permit will not be required.
Cost: ?

-Multiple Turret License
This permit is only required if the person has more than 5 plant turrets, and/or more than 5 Auto Turrets.
This is only for exposed turrets. Not for ones indoors.
This permit can be given for free should the person requesting it prove beyond a reasonable doubt they are under threat of harm to their home by other islanders or hostile creatures.
Cost: ?

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