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#12685323 Sep 05, 2016 at 10:19 PM
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The lack of contact with other Islanders is starting to affect me quite badly.

I can feel myself falling into darkness and I do not like it, I do not like it at all! I feel lost, empty, alone.

I have tried to keep busy with my new home, I have tried to find a hobby of some sort by way of making fancy furniture from my limited resources, but then I realised I have no one to sell it too... so I threw it all on a fire.

Even my gardening is not entertaining me. Am I a sole Islander? Is there no one else here? Is this my life now?
I swear I'll have a permanent imprint of my palm over my face from reading forums.
#12706125 Sep 14, 2016 at 12:59 AM
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I have finally settled... I hope. On a small Island just a stones throw from the mainland. I am still close to Alpheus, but far enough away not to keep bothering him.

I have still not seen any other people aside from one person, a lady who seems to be missing EVERYTHING from our own lands of the past. She came to visit and asked for a nail file of all things! Poor girl really seems to be struggling to adjust, although I have to say, she looked absolutely amazing! Totally rocking the Island look with her clothing. I wonder if I could pull it off?

I have adopted a lovely little kitten thing, huge ears and such a long tail! It is so cute, and it seems perfectly happy to sit on my shoulder all day and generally just watch as I go about my business. He is so good I forget he is there most of the time until he nuzzles into me, kind of reminding me he is there. Kittyboo is my therapist at the moment! Poor thing. He has to listen to me waffling on about nothing all day and night as i have no one else to talk too, but still he sits and smiles at me and swishes his tail excitedly when I tickle behind his ears. I have told him so many secrets, so many things I would tell no one else. I am not even sure I could write them down, but he is easy to talk too.

I am starting to miss Him. Again. In fact, I miss everyone. I am finding it hard here on these new lands... I might take a trip back too the Islands to see if anyone is left there. Not yet, but soon.
I swear I'll have a permanent imprint of my palm over my face from reading forums.
#12861781 Nov 17, 2016 at 03:53 AM
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Where does the time go? Did I pass out? Did something worse happen to me? Where has everyone else gone?

My animals are all fired up and charging about when I woke this morning, but I finally managed to settle them down and put some food out for them. No mail, no messages, seemingly no contact at all, although the turret needed filled back up with ammo but i have no idea what it has been shooting at!

Candyfloss seems more agitated than usual and she was out over the ocean... no idea what she has been chasing.

Perhaps I should call on Alph to see how he is. I wonder if he missed me at all? How long have i been 'gone'? What happened? Maybe I will wait first... get my feet back on the ground so to speak and tidy up the Island.

Maybe a little peek at his walls.... just a quick fly over?
I swear I'll have a permanent imprint of my palm over my face from reading forums.