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Day 21

My project is almost done. Soon she will be seaworthy and I will embark on a journey of exploration around this land. Perhaps I will even swim in the deep waters for an aquatic hunt. If my math is correct, I should be done by tomorrow during the ninth hour. All that remains is a generator for an electric current to illuminate the interior. Maryam and Bwingoo will enjoy this little trip should they decide to accompany me. Plus, I feel it would be a good time to bond as we will surely need it. Though, there was one happening today that may bring some luck our way.

I found another human along the eastern swamp sitting naked upon a rock during a casual flight on one of the birds. He was cooking under the sun and so I touched down to see if he was well. As it turns out, he had just arrived to this island. What an idea location to be placed, too; alone, chased by a large-jawed beast, and without friends. I hope that luck I spoke of is not bad luck. Regardless, I took him into my care and brought him back to the tavern where he was given clothing and a warm meal.

Zack is what he calls himself, and a sailor is his trade. Unfortunately for him, like myself he could not recognize the star patterns which he feels may have rendered him useless. But I say he has arrived at the most curious time, for my vessel is nearly complete. I could use an experienced navigator, even if it means he needs to learn new stars.
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Day 22

Out under a brightened sky
A long awaited journey
Board my trusty vessel
With waters I wrestle
While sailing alone on the sea

To port does lie the shore of land
But to starboard's right for me
Though know not where I go
I move to and not fro
An adventure to explore the sea

Close to hull the creatures swim
And dangerous they surely be
Yet my courage is strong
So I sail forth headlong
Without fear from what rise from the sea

Gentle waters and the moon
The sun slips away with its light
Haul home a great bounty
Collected from sea
As I sail home on this starry night
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Day 23

After returning to the isle, I still find that Dameen is nowhere to be found. After so long, I feel that Bwingoo, Maryam, and myself may have to turn to ourselves to find new direction. But that is fine and well... I think. We have not had any troubles we could not handle thus far, and I do not foresee any issue arising in the near future. Though, I did worry about that debt Zeeno left behind for a time as it made me wonder if there was more that none of us are aware of. However, those thoughts were quickly abandoned upon meeting up north beyond the volcano.

It seems that regular meetings are planned at a lone compound where members of each tribe are encouraged to visit. The Black Summit is what they call it, and it aims to tackle the matters brought forth by the attending representatives. To date, it is the largest number of people I have seen in one place on this island. Alpheus heads the table, flanked by a woman whom I have never met. In fact, I do not recall her name, though I did take note that she is a scribe - a taker of minutes I think. Perhaps her duties extend beyond simply that. I will learn in time. Also present were the KI-mehruh Kingdom, or so I think that is what they are called; the ones dressed in heavy red and black. There was another in similar dress who said he is of KI-mehruh Knights as well, though I believe he mentioned something about being former police. A tall, slender individual in green by the name of Robin sat to my right, and another sheriff was present, but I cannot recall his name either.

This was the first of these official meetings I have been to, and to be quite honest I had no idea what to say or how to contribute beyond the few concerns Bwingoo and I discussed. I suppose that counts, as this Black Summit is supposed to engage in those sorts of matters, yet I feel that I am far from being considered a veteran of this island and do not yet know the larger concerns that affect us all. Though we are not a unified community of wanderers, we are still bound together in this thing we now understand as reality even if loosely. In fact, it was interesting to see the others interacting and sharing their knowledge to solve the problem of tribe properties. Given time, I too may be able to lend voice.

For now, I am content in learning that no other outstanding debts were left behind by Zeeno. Tomorrow's weight will be much lighter for it, and I can start to think of plans to bond with who remains on the crescent isle. In fact, after yesterday's voyage, I think that I should invite them to sea.
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Day 24

Luminous stars shine brightly in the night sky with a vibrant moon whose light stretches across the ocean. Dancing about, and winking with glee, the celestial bodies tease with a wondrous splendor that beckon my eyes and dreams. Here upon this rock atop a cliff, I sit quietly in waiting, with hopes that today will be the day I open my eyes and find myself in a familiar world. Yet I now know that this want is a pipe dream, that hope is the best I have, and that I might never see Valka again. Marain has brought my heart more sadness, but some joy. At least there is the splendor above with a beauty unlike any other, and a majestic world which holds a level of certainty that was not afforded to me at home.

Relaxation is a word I was seldom acquainted with before my arrival on this world. Even those short moments of down time required alertness and a measure of industry. I remember... my goodness, I remember repairing my armor after a twelve-day mission into the Black, a desolate zone on Valka on the far side of the Deadlands where city of Gumeen once stood. It is one of the most dangerous scouting missions to be sent on, but gathering information out there is of grave importance as it seems to be the nearest gathering point of the creatures, the things that plague Valka. There has not been a single expedition into the Black where scouts have returned unscathed. Bruises, cuts, injuries, and damaged equipment are quite normal for it, and most especially death. In fact, it was almost routine for me to mend my armor and tend to open wounds while enjoying food and drink among friends. Dare I say, while this island has its dangers that put my well-being at constant risk, it has afforded me at least some level of security in knowing that the odds of survival are in my favor.
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Day 25

We have quite a lovely view from the top of the cliff beside the tavern. Before me is the tropical bay, followed by a long stretch of beach and hills that cascades into lands of green, filled with life and all sorts of curious mysteries. Behind me is the stretch of ocean as far as the eye can see. Flanking the rock upon which I sit are the bushes, the flowers, and the robust tree that watches over the entire isle - a silent sentinel of peace and tranquility - and offers shelter to those who come. I often visit her and lend my company while we gaze upon what I sometimes still mistake for a dream, and sometimes to share what troubles my heart.

My plan was to move the bodies of the recently departed to this location as I find it to be quite serene, but the rain is making the soil wet and unstable, unfit for digging proper graves, and it has been pouring for thirty-eight hours. Rainfall has been a blessing, even if it does stop me from tending to my task. It brings life and the promise of health for the crops, the beasts, my friends, and for me. There is also a level of comfort in it, knowing that the others will never see my tears, most especially Bwingoo. Sadness is too real an emotion to dismiss, but I feel that it is not the right place to show it, nor the time. The others need strength, and I fear that someone like Bwingoo may collapse under the pressure. Rainfall... I would have never known its beauty had I not been brought here. Stranger still is how it can evoke emotion when in the right company, or without.

I know now that this is the right place to bury them for my heart beams with joy at prospect of sunshine upon my face, a light breeze that kisses my skin, and the tears that flow from my eyes to be lost in the rain when I mourn for more than lives lost, all with the company of a beautiful tree who embraces me with her shade and hears me when I cry.

It is a place that always reminds me of this island's duality, where I can reflect upon the beautiful nightmare that is now my reality.
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Day 26

Wind swept by and water splashed wildly upon my vessel it split the water while sailing the open seas. The look upon Maryam's face was unforgettable, for she became an excited child running from wall to wall, gazing through the windows and running to the upper deck to to feel the air. Bwingoo, on the other hand, looked as if he was about to curl into a ball and hide in a corner in fear for his life. As for myself, I found this day to be the happiest I have been on this world thus far.

We spent the entire day abroad, sailing along the eastern coast of the island and stopping periodically to explore parts of the land. In fact, one of the land beasts proved itself to be a fearsome aquatic foe as it chased my vessel from the swamp for quite some distance. To both Bwingoo and my surprise, Maryam jumped into the water and quickly dispatched the beast on her own. Although I was in awe of her combat prowess and courage, I could not help to view it as a challenge. As luck would have it, the great toothed fish would make their attempts to turn us into a meal, and it was my turn to jump into the deep. Needless to say, I survived and brought my trophy of teeth on board with pride, welcomed by my newfound sister-in-arms. Yet, Bwingoo seemed worried and discouraged.

Bwingoo enjoys our company, and he enjoyed the trip, but he says he felt out of place for he is no warrior. While I disagree, as his skills are simply in other useful areas, I understand that he may feel that he is lacking because he cannot provide in the same manner. Perhaps it is all something else entirely. Regardless of that fact, I reassured him that we did not see him as a lesser companion and that he should still try to enjoy himself. After all, we did not set sail simply to hunt. We dared to explore! In fact, it became so daring that I had brush with death.

We came upon the shore at the foot of a mountain. I intended to climb it for a better view when I discovered that the feline creatures were stalking me, or at least that is what Dillin and Dameen call them. They charged and clawed, gave chase and roared as they followed me along the side of the mountain as a pack. Just when I believed it was just the five beasts, I looked back to find a large bird had joined their ranks. Perhaps I look tasty. Unfortunately for the hungry creatures, I denied them their meal this day when I leapt from a high ridge and plummeted deep into the coastal waters. Though I narrowly escaped my doom, I must say that the chase and the earlier sea battles have made the voyage must more interesting and far more memorable.
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Day 27

I have been talking with a new individual through this implant on my wrist. I do not know his face, but his voice is becoming familiar. Zachari is what he calls himself, and he is another from Earth. This man says he is from an empire called Roam, a strange name for a static entity. Perhaps I spelled that word wrong too, but I digress. He seems like a kind man, one of curiosity with a thirst for being sociable. While meeting all these humans is fine, I am starting to believe that there is a greater force at work here to make this all possible.

Consider this thought: Zachari is from Roam, and he does not know the science of rocketry, nor space travel, nor aviation. Yet his society is stated to be one of the largest and most powerful on Earth. Surely he is from an early age. However, Maryam has not heard of this place, and she too is from an early age. Does this mean she is from a place from from Roam? Does this mean she is from an earlier time? And what of Bwingoo? He is from Rominee's time, during this 2015 age where they have reached the moon. I find it so incredibly strange that there are so many humans from different ages in one place. If that is true, then who is putting them here? And how?

There must be some explanation to the power wielded by the one or many who have brought us here, but what is the science behind it? Perhaps that Alpheus person knows. Maybe Zachari knows something too, though I imagine he is just as perplexed as I.
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Day 28

Zachari has been pleasant company during the quiet hours of the day. Just being able to discuss thought, interests, wants, and dreams has been a blessing. He is a librarian who wanted to become an architect; a scholarly man of thought and academia. Though he was not able to achieve his dream on Earth, he can do it here through the rapid access to knowledge that I believe is fed through this implant. How fascinating is it that though he may no longer be home, he is living his dream. Bwingoo on the other hand is still living a nightmare.

As time wears on, I notice more and more that his behavior is not typical of the other humans, nor is it typical of a person from Valka. He hangs his head, lowers his chin, and shrinks to a smaller size when he speaks to me. In fact, I think he not only fears the island, but fears me as well. Though I have reassured him that no harm will come to him by my hand so long as he does not cross me or betray me, he continues to cower and slink away, remaining at a distance and responding meekly to my prompts. This, of course, I could no longer stand and immediately put to question, and suddenly it all becomes clear.

Dameen was right. It was not just the strange multiple personality issue that rest within Bwingoo, but a fear of repercussion for failing to perform. Someone mistreated him, abused him, and molded him into a fearful person. I cannot even begin to understand the depth of the scars that lie within his psyche, but I can help him cope. Perhaps if he sees me as friend, as ally, and comes to learn that I am not that which haunted him in the past, he may feel more at peace.

Perhaps Zachari can help him. I believe he mentioned a church, and he does sound like a wise, pious man. Perhaps a meeting is in order.
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Day 29

Nothing significant happened this day. I swam, I ate, I rested, I tended to the beer barrels for the tavern, and tended to the beasts and their food. All that remain for me this day are reflection and curiosity.

Twenty-nine days have passed, or I believe two months for the humans. I still do not know why I am here, how I found myself here, or how to leave. I miss Valka and my people, but it does not seem that I will see them for quite some time if ever again. There are these strange beasts which the humans call "dinos". I suppose that is what I could call them as they are apparently from Earth, but they are still just beasts to me. The water is plentiful and beautiful. The people are at peace. I do not know how to truly describe this setting, be it a dream world or a punishment. What is more is that I am beginning to wonder if Alpheus has the right idea of simply not caring anymore, yet I feel that to not care is to give something of myself up, almost to admit defeat as it were. Almost.

Zachari has told me of a sanctuary where he resides, which turns out is not far from our isle. He says it is a quiet place for thought and prayer, and though I do not pray I am welcome to use it. I am not religious, but I do see the value of some religious works in how they offer comfort and sometimes guidance through troublesome days. I may visit if simply to see the world here through someone else's eyes. Maybe this will help enlighten me and broaden my outlook.
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Day 30

I caught Bwingoo staring at me today. I do not mean simply looking or watching. He was eyeing me, but I did not know why. When I questioned him, he said he was looking at the large apples on the table. Strange behavior to be watching apple, if you ask me. So again I pressed, and he soon caved under the pressure.

It seems that Bwingoo is more fond of me than I thought. His eyes find me attractive, and his heart admires my persona. This I do not mind, and find rather curious as I do not understand why he enjoys the latter, but apparently he feels that I am... what is the word... I do not remember it, but something positive, and I can tell he is genuine when I look upon his face and read his eyes. It is as if I can see into his soul itself and find that deep down under the timid exterior is a man who wants to be loved, even if that love is not romantic. I believe that is what most desire, if I am honest. Though, Bwingoo shrinks from me and believes that I will punish him for his feelings. Yet, given what I know of him now, I think I understand why he has this fear, and so I will not give him a reason to believe in it. He may continue to feel, and I will not rebuke him, though I do not know if I should yet tell him that I do not return the same affection.
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Day 31

Bwingoo and I met Zachari today. My goodness he is tall for a human, and reminds me of how small I am for a Valka. Yet, even in person he is gentle, soft-spoken, and polite. We met at the volcano to prepare for a trip to the Red Forest and made ready to use the gateway which Bwingoo says he dislikes. That is when the most curious thing happened.

Alpheus greeted us in the nude on the platform before the gateway. While Valka have no issue with brief nudity, it seems that it is considered distasteful or unacceptable for a human to be uncovered. Yet here was this man running about with nothing on, challenging the norms of his own people. In fact, his personality had changed completely from the one I had met prior to this date. He seemed jovial and energetic, almost as if he had taken too much of some sort of stimulant. He calls this "eccentric", but I think there may be something else here. After all, he has been on this island for quite some time. It would be fully reasonable if he simply lost his mind. If not, then it is certainly a behavior that I was not aware of and far beyond what I imagined him to be. I suppose it helps when you live alone on top of a mountain.

After the curious encounter, I traveled with Bwingoo and Zachari through the gate and into the Red Forest where we found a most beautiful grotto whose waters were crystal clear and surrounded by exotic ruins that told a story complete unto themselves of a time unknown to us. It was here where we established a camp after exploring the woods and its mysteries, and shared stories of life. Having done so, I have a face to apply to Zachari's voice; a story to remember when I hear from him; a memory of a man rather than words through a bionic device.

When it was time to depart, I invited Zachari to join us on the next voyage, and I do hope he is able to attend. It would be most pleasing to bring all of these people together to share in a common bond.
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Day 32

Sometimes I feel that Bwingoo is life's way of testing my patience. I would not say it is a chore, but I do find myself ever tempted to force a spine into him. Never have I met anyone who thought so lowly of himself or so submissive to the point that it becomes tiresome to be near. Upon a world like this, it pays to be strong, and those who cannot be physically mighty should learn to be brave. Yet, I fear that Bwingoo will not learn.

Thank the cosmos for long hunts, lest I drive myself mad by hearing him grovel all day.
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Day 33

I do not know if today was a bad one, but I feel as though it was not entirely good.

There was a gathering on the island today. The others call it a ball or mask- something; a party of sorts where the guests sing, dance, eat, and drink all while wearing a mask to conceal their identities. It seemed like it might be interesting to to try as I do not know many people here, and it does not hurt to learn more of human culture. After all, I am surrounded by them. Not wanting to miss a an opportunity to meet, I grabbed what I could to fit the requirements and took to the air upon one of the winged beasts for a long journey west.

After the flight, I found myself at what I think is an open air tavern or theater. No one actually told me what it is, but I suppose that does not matter. Once I approached the steps, I was immediately greeted and identified. It seems that being the last one to arrive has its drawbacks, and thus the fun of secrecy was spoiled. Yet, there was more to be experienced beyond a game of masks, for there was still the rest of the party to be enjoyed. I met Felix, a man who follows one called Alexander, and is also friend to Zachari. For the life of me, I cannot recall the names of the others, which saddens me as it seems that this place has taken a toll on my ability to retain as well as recall. Though I do recall a pair of rambunctious men who enjoyed loud, crude humor at the expense of each other and much heavy drinking among some of the others. There was also the singer, whose name I did not catch, but his voice was soothing and pleasant to my ear. While all this may not sound so out of the ordinary or unpleasant, what followed was what I found jarring and late disheartening.

A gargantuan winged beast emerged in the skies above, with claws that would cleave a Valka in two, teeth that would rend flesh from bone, and a frightfully monstrous visage that might challenge the alien creatures on my world. The others at the ball moved with haste to seek out the creature, I think to do battle. While they rush by me and take to their own beasts, I found myself disconnected, almost unworried at all and quite disinterested. It was just another beast after all, just bigger. Yet, I will admit that curiosity did strike as I wished to at least see what it looked like, but from afar, just over the top of the ball. Not surprisingly, it made its way to the ball itself where the rest of my fellow islanders returned to meet its rider.

The Overseer, a being of unknown origin and immense power, has set foot upon these grounds. Had I not been informed of this being, I would say he is just a man for he wears armor like us and wields mortal weaponry like us. Perhaps I am not far off when I say that I believe this Overseer can bleed. Yet, the humans show fear. They follow him like lost children and appear to grovel at his feet when he speaks. Allegedly there was a murder, and he had come to investigate, though I am not sure why this merits the fear if they were not the ones who committed the acts. In fact, it only seemed to invite unwanted attention as he would render others unconscious and swing them about.

Once the search for this murderer was concluded, the Overseer wandered into the ball grounds in hopes of joining the festivities. Firearms, blades, and bows were drawn in anticipation of a fight. With a creature such as his, we might have all been destroyed in moments, let alone the alleged power this man controls, but I suppose it is natural for all life to fight back in some way, and I do not necessarily blame them after the swinging. Despite this, the Overseer encouraged the party to continue. Yet before festivities began again, he came to me with personal interest.

I am unsure of the Overseer's intent, or why it is he singled me out to be identified among the crowd, but it was quite odd. He asked of my name and my origins, yet he had not heard of my world. Strange, as he admitted he had personally brought everyone here. However, what vexes me most is that he said that he mostly pulls from Earth, but that mistakes have been known to happen. Mistakes... Am I not here because I was chosen? Am I here solely by chance?

My heart aches at the very thought that I have been whisked away from my home, my people, and put in a strange place with no escape by accident. Words cannot describe my anguish...

I have not the heart to finish...
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Day 38

Several days have passed, and it feels as though they have all been a blur. Hunting has not been enough of a distraction, and I feel that I burden the tree which hears my woes with self-pity and silence. My mate was killed two solar revolutions before my arrival here, which left me wallowing in a pool of tears, sending my lamentation into the air for all, and crippling my ability to contribute. Now, I am reduced to a mistake; a mistake. How far have I sunk to feel so lost and despondent to the point where I abandon who I am and how I was raised? If I am to be forthright with myself, I must say I am disappointed and ashamed that I let myself fall. But am I wrong to feel so moved?

These humans have been brought here for a purpose, even if they do not know it in its entirety or understand it at its most basic nature. At least they can empathize with one another in understanding that they are one people of the same world while here for the same reason. Yet it is I who must continue alone, not physically, but emotionally and spiritually in part. There are no other Valka, I am not from Earth, and I am not here by the will of this Overseer, but by accident. I am stuck on this strange planet, this bizarre and alien island, without purpose. What do I even do with that knowledge? It is not as if I have prepared my whole life for this. I concede the notion that I am well-prepared to live here under the stress and dangers yielded by the environment, but I am not prepared as an individual. No such training has been impressed upon me.

Even now as I write, I feel as though all I am doing now is complaining, even for things within my control.

How far you fallen, Juno? How far?
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Day 39

Dameen is not coming back, of this I am convinced. I will no longer wait for his return and will see that the others are kept alive and well on my own. Though, this does make me wonder where others have gone. Ree-ehl has not returned, and I have not heard her voice, nor the voice of her sailing companion. Could she have been swallowed whole by the sea? Dare I let my mind wander that direction? I certainly hope not. Zack has also wandered off, and I have no idea as to where he has gone. At this rate, he was probably devoured by a strange beast. Perhaps I am simply being a pessimist.

On a lighter note, there is a voice coming from the implant I have not yet heard. She seems kind, though a little lost. Her name is Nikeeta. I have not seen her, but perhaps talking to a new voice will help easy my troubled mind. After all, there are rarely any voices during the later hours and I often find myself hunting, dining, bathing, swimming, constructing, and much more in silence. To be quite honest, this whole living situation has me confused beyond belief. It is not as if I heard voices all day every day on Valka, yet it is almost always a constant here, save for those late hours I mentioned.
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Day 40

Royalty resides on this island, or so they say. I have seen this person before, but I was never formally introduced. Though, it seems I should have been as she appears to be quite friendly. Ciri is her name, and though I know not of what she is like beyond some observation and our chance encounter, she has expressed an interest in meeting again in order to build a friendship. Just as I thought my luck was running thin, that the universe was beginning to crush me with its immense weight, I am called upon by another to become a friend. I must say, my heart is most warmed by her gesture. In fact, I also found that I am making some headway with Nikeeta as well.

Perhaps my life here may yet turn around.
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Day 41

Sometimes it seems as all here is for not, but I am beginning to believe that there may yet be a lesson here that I am not taking advantage of, and it is rooted in one which was instilled in me from childhood. Not long ago, I was told that my arrival upon the island was a mistake, which left me quite disheartened and lost in my own sadness. Yet in the time that has passed, I have taken it upon myself to do some thinking, and in doing so I stumbled upon a memory, a revelation.

As children, we Valka are taught that all which transpires happens for a reason, that nothing simply takes place without cause. That which may seem disconnected from the rest of the universe, happening in sporadic pockets of entropy with designs that defy science and mathematics, hides a secret to its existence that only need be explored. This island, its inhabitants, and the world it sits upon are all part of an anomaly that I do not yet fully understand. My mere being upon it, though confusing and sometimes frustrating, should beckon me, dare me seek out what lies beyond as it has done up until recently. It seems that the loss of my lessons and memories has allowed me to slip into even more self-pity. This revelation of mine should help me to see the light, to understand that I do not stand on this island by mere chance alone. It may take some time to learn to accept it, but I am ready.
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Day 42

Today, I am renewed. Today, I took my first steps toward acceptance. The island is vast, and it holds many treasures for me to find. I need only look.

My goal for the day was merely to fly, to behold the splendor that lie beneath my bird, and to feel the wind sweep across my face. I must say that in all the time I spent in the air, I could not have felt any better. The awe and wonder came back to me, and I could feel the corners of my lips turning up toward my rising cheeks. Soaring over the land had become much more than exploration, more than fun. I should say that I found the sensations greater than that which I had hoped for, and more important than merely learning to accept. No, it was not acceptance that became my greatest ally and biggest step toward learning. It was that which led up to the acceptance, the journey and the lessons which helped me understand, and the key to it was flying upon the back of this bird and gaining a sense of freedom.

For the first time in my life, I had come to the realization that I was given an opportunity. On Valka, a soldier on duty must always be on alert. For long range scouts like myself, being alert was life or death. While there was time to relax, it was short-lived. With there being so few of us left, we could not afford to be too leisurely in our efforts, and with Sangrade being the last remaining city, there was nowhere to go. Though I miss my people, and wish to offer what help I can, I must admit that I am becoming happy here, and the level of freedom that this place offers is unlike anything I could have imagined. For here, I am not bound by a schedule that is not mine. I am not expected to be alert at all hours. I am free to travel as I please. Though this world has its dangers, I would take them millions of times over before I would take even one of the creatures that plague my home. Could this day become any better? If cereba were not necessary, I would be so bold as to say yes.

Around the fortieth hour, I received word from Nikeetah that she was in need of assistance. She was in need of pearls, and my tribe's supply is vast. I could offer her advice on where to procure them for herself, or I could take advantage of the freedom I came to understand. Though logic would have me teach her the lesson, I found myself answering the call, not merely as a good Valka would do, but as a curious individual who is re-learning what it is to accept my place in the world. As fate would have it, Nikeetah turned out to be quite a lovely person.

She was kind, gentle, and quite ecstatic when I brought her the large bounty of pearls, and invited me to explore her fort. It was a good size which housed all of her beasts and all their necessities. Quite an organized place, if I am to be honest. Though, I will say that she is much more quiet in person than through the implant. Of course, it may also be because she was busy tending to chores, which I do not blame her for. However, she did seem quite distraught by the loss of a sea beast called a shark. Again, I offered her my service and dove to the depths of the ocean in search for the lost creature, but I yielded nothing. Though it saddens me that Nikeetah's sea beast is gone, I am happy that she is safe, and that I have a new friend. Perhaps I will find a new friend in Ciri once we meet.

Time will tell. Until then, I will continue learning to accept my place here while enjoying the freedom afforded to me.
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Day 43

It seems that love is in the air, or at least infatuation. I learned of Nikeetah's interest, and while her joy is quite cute, I also find her reactions enormously humorous. She pines over him and cannot seem to think of anything or anyone else. I wonder how old she is. Nikeetah seems young, and so it maybe just be that she is overwhelmed with emotion and is only just beginning to search out her feelings. Perhaps I am wrong and she simply feels strongly about this. Whichever it is, I am highly amused, but I will keep the secret between us.

Today was also one which I spoke with Ciri at length. She is a fascinating individual in that she is confident, brave, and friendly. While I have need to ask who she is and what she wants in this life, I can see the ambition in her eyes and the resolve she carries with her, and it is a trait that I believe this entire land could use more of. Perhaps this is why the Chimera follow her. Then again, perhaps they follow her because she is playful in that she is willing to joke with those close with her and let her friends poke fun at her too. Or maybe I am simply the kind of friend who enjoys prodding others for entertainment.
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Day 55

I have been clumsy with my entries as of late, and neglected to write. The visits from Ciri and her friends to the tavern, the last meeting, discovering new peoples, helping to tame a wild flying beast, and finding Amian all escaped my journal. I feel as though I should punish myself for being careless with my records. Yet now, I feel as though my mind is weary and all those would be memories are hazy. In fact, thinking back on my time here, I am beginning to find much of the earlier days are clouded by empty spaces and too many gaps. It has to be this place, this island.

Just yesterday, I came to from my cereba after several days. What is this? Cereba only lasts for two hours, and the longest I had ever heard of was three, yet here I am sitting on several days of it and with waning memories. Of all the things gone wrong since my arrival, this is the most worrisome. It feels as though I am losing my mind and that I have no control. The humans were right. There is something amiss about this place, and it definitely changes us as people.