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Where do I even begin? This whole experience is confusing at best, to say the least. I don't know where I am, or when for that matter. I suppose I'll continue with the last date that I remember.

Marain 4324 12 CC

Day 1

I will chronicle what I know which I can only describe as a beautiful nightmare that I cannot wake from. Yesterday, I swear to all the cosmos, I was scouting in the Deadlands with Fajel when the hour of twilight came upon us. We stopped briefly to begin our cereba. For the one who may stumble upon this journal, should I meet an unfortunate fate, it is a brief trance or meditation as we do not require sleep, which I will discuss later as I've encountered several who do. It is normal for one to continue regular activity for another day, or fifty-two hours by the human standard. Yet I did not find myself with Fajel. Instead, I found myself crawling out of the waters of a sandy beach, coughing up the clear liquid and discovering that I had been whisked away to some far off land which I have never seen or heard of.

Beasts here are large and mostly ferocious, with the means to flay my skin with ease. Their claws, fangs, and alien sounds were quite startling at first, for my weapons and traps were missing, my scouting partner was no longer by my side, and I stood naked and alone. More strange was the water itself, for I have never in my life seen so much water in a single place at one time. In fact, I do not believe I have seen so much of it in my life at all. Honestly, I thought that I must have been devoured by... ah, yes. I forgot that I cannot remember anything. Perhaps this is meant to be the life of paradise which is said to exist after death, a place for a soul to enjoy until life calls again. Or perhaps not.

Though, as fortune would have it, fate appears to be on my side as I found a place of gathering and was taken in by the one called Rominee Dantee; such a strange name for a person, and I hope I spelled that right. This text is so bizarre, and it baffles me how I suddenly know it. She is one of the humans I spoke of; quite a nice individual. She sounds gentle, and appears to be hard-working - perhaps one of the leaders at this place called a tavern. I met another human like her who calls himself Dameen Doovul, a thoughtful man I might say. Both are from a place they call Urth. Rominee says it is an odd, boring name, but I think it sounds pleasant. She is from Eenglind and Dameen is from Uhmairicuh, and they say their species is often at war. I hope they don't continue down that path.

Unfortunately, the best I could offer them was hardly worth their time. Kind words escaped their mouths, however, understanding that my memory loss was normal among people who found themselves on this island. Though, I fear that I may not have them back. I could not remember where I came from or much else about myself when conversing. The Peranom System was all that I could readily recall; not home, not my people, and hardly my own name. Perhaps it will come back to me. Until then, I will continue with the activities around this tavern place, though I feel a calling to venture outside and hunt.

One thing is certain. If knowing that I was in a place we call the Deadlands with a man named Fajel and a place called the Peranom System are all I am to remember for the rest of my days, I believe I may be driven mad.
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Day 2

Humans are certainly strange creatures. Today, I was introduced to a man called Bwingoo. His initial inclination was that I am crazy, along with everyone else, simply for having arrived on this isle. It seems as though he has a psychological condition where he exhibits the behaviors of three people. I am told it is called multiple personalities, which I have not heard of. When I first met him, he seemed fine; just an ordinary man. Yet as the day wore on, Bwingoo's behavior evolved. He became as restless as a child who had eaten too much sugar, his speech became broken and sounded mostly of incoherent babbling, and I do not believe that he was able to grasp anything complex. When I thought that was the extent of his queer behavior, I found him questioning my arrival and raising complaint to Rominee. His behavior was hostile, and he had completely forgotten my existence. This man says I am crazy, but it is I who cannot trust him. Strange humans.

Beyond the odd behavior of these Urth people was the hunt. I gave in to the voice that whispered in my ear and ventured out on my own. A scout's life is what I remember, though not much of it, but I am starting to believe that I might be a hunter of some sort. Tracking, stalking, and even slaying these beasts feels all too natural. In fact, I think I like it. Time feels like it passes more easily, my mind feels relaxed, and my body feels comfortable when I am out among nature... that is if this is really natural. Perhaps it is this thing embedded in my arm that has taught me how to hunt. Rominee did say that it is how we communicate with ease.

I hope that this implant is not the reason for my abilities for I fear that my life might too be a fabricated illusion fed to me by some mysterious being that controls the island. Though, I cannot say that I am fully convinced that I am just some puppet being strung by a master. It would take much to have put so much detail into my life, let alone the lives of Rominee, Dameen, Bwingoo, and the others who are said to reside here. For now, I shall remain confident in the sovereignty of my own life.
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Day 3

I arrived back at the tavern and found the one called Zeeno. She seems quiet, though the others speak highly of her. I think she is their leader, but I cannot tell. My guess is that she is another human, and likely just as strange as the rest. Though, I have no doubt that she is nowhere near as troubled as Bwingoo, who I still have no trust for. Until I get to know her better, all can say about this Zeeno is that she appears to have a strong work ethic as she was running up and down, and all throughout the tavern to complete task after task. Perhaps it is not that she is quiet, but rather that she is always focused on the building.

I feel as if I am losing track of time. My cereba comes at the usual interval, but day and night come so quickly. Unfortunately, I cannot remember for the life of me what the hours were like back home, but I assume it must have been closer to my cereba cycle. For now, I'll continue to use that as my account of time, though it may not be accurate enough to keep track of the days. It makes me wonder what my forebears and ancestors experienced when they traveled the stars. Speaking of that, I have remembered something.

My skin bears tattooing, and I've spent much time trying to understand what they might mean. The one on my left arm has patterns in segments and layers which appear both abstract in meaning, but orderly in design. This one must be telling a story, but I cannot decipher the code. Everything else on my body is a mystery, except for what I remembered. It was the hunter back home who applied some of these marks. I am blessed once more to be in Rominee's company who discovered the tattoo on my back and drew a sketch for me to see. Upon seeing it, I remembered the pattern; the Wheel of War.

The Wheel represents an endless cycle which means to consume us all. It begins with a single realm, a world if my case, that seeks to extend its will into the far reaches of space. As it consumes interstellar life and lays claim to their domains, it creates the wheel and its spokes. In time, the newly forged empire will grow too large and begin to collapse under its own weight, at which time the wheel will begin to turn. Once it does, it will not stop. The outer worlds will shift from the center, and those inside will begin to follow until the central world is no longer central and the wheel takes a new form only to spin again and again. Recalling this information should bring me some happiness in knowing that my memories are returning, albeit very slow. However, it saddened me.

It was through this tattoo that I remembered more about the hunter who applied it, and how I affected his life. Never before have I been brought to tears so easily. The hunter was my mate, and I could not save him from the terrors that plague our world. I now remember that his death was not my fault, but that I blame myself for not meeting him on time. Perhaps this place is my punishment for failing him. We were betrothed, we built a home, and were meant to start a family. Here I am now, among aliens and beasts without a familiar face and without the man I was pledged to.
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Marain 4324 15 CC

Day 4

I have discovered a strange cave not far from the island. No one told me that it existed before, and I could only imagine what wonders or terrors lie within. Here I found myself weighing my options, whether to turn away and continue my hunt or to explore the mystery in front of me. Despite the warning in my head, I went against my better judgement and braved the darkness alone.

With each step I took, the farther away the safety of morning light trickled away. Although my eyes grant me some heightened vision at night, even I was forced to use a torch to light my path. Down below, and for a great distance I might add, was a collection of damp rocks and a cold, cold wisp of air that swept along my clothes. It seemed like any other cave I have entered before, in all honesty, with nothing appearing out of the ordinary. Much to my surprise, this rather dull and unimpressive cave transformed into the Tunnel of Drumeen. To whomever may read this, the Tunnel of Drumeen is a mythological tale from ancient Valka in which the warrior Valkana enters the Melting Passage to do battle with the war deity, Kgragoth, to avenge the murder of her husband, Sangar. Much like the mythos, the under passage of the cave runs with magma and is filled with a deadly heat that can scorch both skin and lungs. Luckily, the humans were not with me or I feel they might have suffered an untimely end. What I found inside, however, was quite a delight.

There were creatures, large and small. Of these beasts were the insect and arachnid variety. I could feel the smirk tugging at the corner of my lips and the insatiable hunger to continue my hunt rather than the forests or beach eating away at the rest of my judgement.

I will not go into much more detail on the matter. Truth be told, I fetched the great fanged beast and slaughtered the lot. The tribe is most certainly pleased to see so much chitin in one haul.
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Marain 4324 16 CC

Day 5

Today has been an awful one. I have no will to go out and enjoy the hunt, and I feel so lost.

Where is my Valka? I can only imagine what confusion surrounds my disappearance. Perhaps my family thinks me dead. Dead like my mate; how I miss him so.

I wish not to go on here, but I have little choice if I am to find the opportunity to escape. According to Buingu, I have no choice at all. Death eludes us, it seems.

Here I sit atop this rock on the ridge and look into the alien sky where I see no familiar patterns, have no way to feel connected to home, and am powerless in this realm. Despite my being near the humans, I find I am very alone and am growing weary of it.

Perhaps tomorrow will hold something better.
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Marain 4324 17 CC

Day 6

I found a woman washed upon the shore today. A quiet one, likely shocked by her arrival. My guess is that this place is likely as new to her as it is to the rest of us. Like Romany, I decided to be merciful and brought her into the fold. She was given food, clothing, and shelter, yet she chose not to speak. In fact, she fled. Strange behavior from someone who was just given hospitality, but perhaps she is still afraid and trying to absorb what has happened. Though, this has both Romany and myself perplexed. Even Buingu finds her behavior odd, though given his own mental state, I would not find it beyond him to think a berry crazy.

It was this day during which he decided to turn his weapon against Dameen. The arrow was sent into his head, and Dameen collapsed to the floor. The man claims we are crazy, yet he is out to lay harm? I should have flayed him without hesitation, but it did not seem like what the others wanted. It must be the human way not to seek justice. Strange people.

By this point, my memories were really beginning to return. Remembering who I am, where I am from, and what I can do are a great comfort. At least I will know this much should I meet my end here on this bizarre island. Yet, the humans do not seem to believe that I am not of their world. With these new memories, I can surely dispel this disbelief, though I would think it enough that the shape of my ears differs from theirs, I do not sleep like they, and I have customs vastly different from what they have heard of. Vastly different histories, I might add. Perhaps, given enough time, my memories will return in full and I can share with them the beauty of my people.
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Marain 4324 18 CC

Day 7

The cave has been a blessing and has given me a bounty of resources to bring back to the tribe I am staying with. However, I must say I am beginning to feel quite alone again. My experiences this day have taught me that the humans are far different than I originally expected. The humans are... well, they tend to keep to themselves. I cannot tell if this is a human trait or if I have done something wrong. To be honest, I find it difficult to communicate with them more often than not, and it does not help that they sleep so long and so soon. Then there is the one who I pulled from the water.

She speaks today! The woman I pulled from the water has finally decided to talk. Maryam, she is called, and from a place called Ektabana. Yet, she does not know what species she is or upon what world she resides, albeit she believes she lives on the only world inhabited by an intelligent species. She must be from an earlier, more simple civilization whatever the world. I do not know if she is human, but my guess is that she is as it seems most arrivals are. This one was quite awkward. She would come near and look around, but then she would run away when approached to speak. Perhaps she was still afraid, but I suppose that matters not to me so long as she is well. It is a blessing that she is healthy. Without any communication, she may have been suffering without us knowing. For now, I will look to other interests and concerns.

Rominee also took me for a tour to the green tower which she says the people on this island call an obelisk. She says no one knows what the are for, or what they do, but they appear to be alien in nature with some sort of advanced console attached at the center base. Now that I think of it, I remember seeing pictures of towering cities upon Valka during my history lessons, some of which resembled this obelisk in style and size. I can only imagine what the three here on this island are for, or what they mean. Interestingly, the surrounding terrain also aided my recall when I saw a path that looked almost identical to a path to the Deadlands. We would tell the children never to wander outside, and definitely never to approach the Dorther Passage. Of course, being children, it is their duty to periodically disobey.

Bwingoo has also been acting strangely, though, I believe Rominee and Dameen have had a part in this. He left me a series of notes and a gift in the form of a firearm and ammunition. His writing is... I do not know how to describe it. It is as if he writes in a skittish manner, similar to his second personality. Yet, the gesture was kind. I suppose I can forgive his transgressions for now, though I am still wary. Of course, I am beginning to think there is something else about him that he has not been forward about. During the thirty-second hour, I found another note from Bwingoo which led to another gift. There was another after. I suspect he may have some sort of other ideas in mind, but I shall not pry.
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Marain 4324 19 CC

Day 8

I found another person this day; a submariner I think. At least, that is what he says he is. The one known as Dillin... I think that is how it is spelled... Anyway, I found this Dillin battling one of the large, furry beasts. However, his efforts were in vain and his battery of horned beasts were devoured. Such an appetite those things have. I landed and recovered some of the saddles, which I soon returned to Dillin, who appeared quite awkward and scared. He says he is unfamiliar with land beasts, but I have a mind that he is unfamiliar with anything outside the safety of walls. Even when Rominee came to aid in taming the furry beast, he showed signs of fear and worry. It was this that prompted me to ask Rominee if he would be welcome upon our isle. This Dillin made it a point that he preferred the water, but I do not believe he understood the offer the first three times I proposed it. Yet, when I said he may stay in my home on the edge of the water, he took interest - a strange interest, I might add - and acted as if we were to be mates. I do not know if he is just an awkward individual or if he is trying to push his boundaries. Should he be trying, he will be sad to know that I do not sleep in beds like the humans, and that becoming a mate on Valka requires more than a simple invitation to shelter. A strange man, indeed.

During the fortieth hour, he asked if I would be interested in hunting a bird. I said I would accompany if he needed, but to fetch me at my home as he needed to prepare. At this time, I as with Maryam, who has an affinity for decor and interior design. Strange for one who claims to be a king's guard. But, perhaps she received different training. Perhaps it is this place, and this thing on our wrists. Whatever it is, she was kind to make my home here feel like a place of warmth and gathering. Perhaps given enough time, I will be at ease and this place will be more than just a temporary residence. For now, it is a weird estate.

Dillin did not return to me, nor did he give word that he was ready to hunt. Instead, he came to me during the night hours and complained that I did not go to find a bird with him. His armor was tattered and he looked weary, and though I worried for his health, I could not understand how he came to the conclusion that I had abandoned him when I told him to fetch me. Perhaps I misunderstood something. Perhaps I missed his call to arms. Regardless, I went with him to tend to the fallen bird which is large and quite beautiful. Though, during the fortieth hour, Dillin still did not seem pleased with me after having thrown more discontent about me not joining the hunt. But that is fine. Maybe it is his people's way. I shall let it pass by me.

Come the fiftieth hour, the two of us and Bwingoo met a young human female on our beach. She calls herself Ree-ehl. I am no spelling champion, mind you, whomever finds this journal should I pass. She and another live upon a small raft with some of the small birds from the island. Apparently, she has lived here for her whole life ; a grand total of nineteen years without family. I find it most interesting that I am now able to calculate and compare my age to the humans by calculating the hours in a human solar year. By their standard, I am over 1,139,580 hours of age, or 130 human solar years. I suppose this is very old for humans as Bwingoo believes I look "good" for my age, yet on Valka I am barely into my adulthood.

This Ree-ehl is wild and free-spirited, indicative of youth. She is just a child, really. I understand that she can take care of herself if she has been alone on the island for so many years yet I worry for her, and I am not sure if I pity her. What she tells me is not wrong, which is to let go and to seek happiness. I want this too, but I have not been here long, and I am still adjusting. That is something I do not think she will ever understand should she never leave this place. And I fear that if she does, she will wind up hurt because she does not know restraint.
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Marain 4324 20 CC

Day 9

I found myself alone again this day. But I am not surprised. The humans are always sleeping, and I have no idea where the water dweller is. That is just the way this life must be. I suppose it is up to myself to discover the rest of this place for myself, and perhaps to find others who are less reclusive. Perhaps I will find one like the stranger I met today while searching for dams.

I had ventured north as I heard the southern regions were sparse, and I had nearly found what I was after - though it was only the creature I had discovered- while on my journey. To my surprise, a larger flying creature came upon my position with a grand... thing on its back. Before it was a man who seemed rather curious to know what my purpose was, and was quite polite. I believe he said his name was Adrahndray, though I know I have butchered the spelling. It is not as if I asked him how to spell it. In any case, he was kind enough to let me continue my search. What is more interesting, is that he found me in the darker hours to deliver what I desired. Such a kind man. I hope I find more like him.
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Marain 4324 21 CC

Day 10

Today I have started a new project. There is little water left on Valka from what I recall and, if my memory serves me right, I have never seen an ocean before, nor a river, or lake. While I am here I may as well seize the moment by exploring what I may. Though, I am not sure what to do about a voyage on the water. I am confident that I can develop a working design, yet as I have not seen a large body of it, I am not sure how to go about crafting a vessel for such a venture. But I will continue try anyway. It seems that wood is the most ideal for a quick build, as the resource is readily available and is naturally buoyant. However, as I began my project, Dillin stopped by to have a word.

Again, he lamented about my absence during the hunt for a bird, and then praised Rominee for her companionship. I believe he meant to slight me, but I do not know what he aims to achieve from it. We Valka do not care for petty squabbles. Rather than coddle the behavior, I decided to channel it into something different. Here was the perfect time to learn about his people and why he functions the way he does.

Dillin tells me that there is a whole civilization of his people, and that they are a very rigid one. They do not seem to choose what they want to do in life, and rather cling to what they enter without deviating until another is ready to take their position. This sounds too restricting because this lifestyle does not readily accommodate change. Perhaps his people stagnated. If they have, and they still do not change, I fear they may collapse under their own faults. But Dillin seems to be fine with this. It is his job, after all. I find it very strange that his job is to be this "administrator" to manage society, while society is so well-managed that it cannot grow. A job for this. A strange people, more so than the humans. Of course, he did leave some useful advice about my project.

Rather than construct solely of wood, he advised that I incorporate glass and metal. Perhaps I will take him up on this.
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Marain 4324 22 CC

Day 11

My project requires many resources, and I have learned that there is one place to gather much of what I need.

The island's volcano juts into the sky and towers over the surrounding with majesty. The hostile creatures that live upon it are even more terrible than those I have seen near the isle upon which I reside. My hope was that I do not have to slay beast after beast simply to gain small samples of ore. Just as I had hoped, the summit bore no beasts and was void of life. Yet atop it rest two structures, which are large in of themselves. One, I am told is a facility of labor for collecting resources, which is where I was headed. The other I do not recognize.

I am fortunate enough to have been able to take both of the great flying creatures without the humans noticing, for my bounty was great and heavy. I spent much time at the top of the volcano, laboring away on my own and without any others to speak with, at least for a while. I heard another voice by virtue of this implant. It was that of Ree-ehl's sailing companion, and it was most definitely pleasant to get to know him as he seemed kind, and his voice kept me company while I mined for hours. To be quite honest, the talk was a welcome change of pace as I am most often on my own or surrounded by strange circumstance or behavior. His company was so welcome that I had lost track of time and wound up bringing back enough to replenish the tribe's storage and gather enough for my own project.

Open waters, prepare to meet me. Sea beasts, you will tremble in my wake.
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Marain 4324 23 CC

Day 12

I have never seen so much water before, as redundant as that may sound, but I must say it again to reinforce how alien this world is to me. Stranger is that I find that I am gifted in the water, that my breath does not wane so quickly as the humans, and that I move with grace within. I remember history lessons of Valka, but I do not remember details quite yet. Perhaps we were an aquatic people as well as terrestrial. I cannot tell just yet, but with time I believe I will. How did I find this out? An adventure of a lifetime, of course.

There I was, on the deck of my home which towers above the clear waters, gazing into the deep and wondering just how far I can go. Clearly, I am not dead, so I survived what lie below. And what lie below? Long-necked, bottom-dwelling monsters that seem to swim in pairs. They are not like the fish, yet they are not like the land beasts either. Honestly, I cannot tell what they are, other than creatures with unfortunate faces and fanged teeth. I cannot tell you how awful it was to swim so low and come face-to-face with these... things. Yet, I managed to make them heel. Even as I write this, I wonder how I was able to do such a thing. Perhaps it is this implant in my arm that grants me skill beyond knowledge, or... perhaps I really have no idea. What I do know is that I have once again found myself without company. But I will not dwell on this any longer.

Rather than expect to gather with companions here, I shall seek only the call to hunt and perhaps to meet new strangers. There are several settlements along the coast, and so I may as well take it upon myself to reach out. Though, I still have some hours left in this day before cereba. I think another dip sounds right. Who knows? Perhaps I will find a jolly sea creature, one swift and playful.

Or I may drown... we shall see.
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Marain 4324 24 CC

Day 13

Recalling my life on Valka is become easier with each passing day, and I might remind whomever else may read this that a day for me is not the passing of light and dark in the place. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this as well, as it becomes confusing at times. Although the patterns of daylight here vex me to no end, I am finding that it does not affect my ability to regain what was lost. For some time, I have been trying to rebuild my memories so that I might know more of who I am, where I come from, and how I can use it to make the best of my condition upon this alien world. Today, I return to my tattoos which previously had meanings that were beyond my reach.

Here on my left arm is the largest sequence of tattooing that chronicles my life. I began remembering while working on the water craft around the thirteenth hour this day when I erected a column and found that the arm wraps I wear had shifted enough isolate a curious portion of the tattoo. Once the column was secure, I placed my focus on the patch of skin and found that wondrous memories raced into my head. My eyes raced along my skin and I grabbed at the wrapping to remove it from my arm. It was as if I found the key to a ciphered code, and I was most eager to decrypt it so that my life no longer remain a secret. What moved me to tears was this key's meaning.

The ink on my wrist tells me that I was born during the period of Sudarr in the 4311th cycle on the twenty-third day within the Cenarra Cageme. If I were to say this the human way, I suppose I might say I was born on the twenty-third day of the ninth month; or at least I think it is a month. But I do not know how they keep track of their years, but I can calculate how long it has been through my own age. If Rominee was from the year 2015 on Urth, if I am 130 of Urth's solar years, if a cycle on Valka is ten humans years, and this 2015 comes in sequence after 2000, then I must have been born during Urth's year of 1885. Unfortunately, I do not know what month that equates to for them, but I will let them figure it out if they should want to know. Such complexities lie within an individual's age; dare I wonder what my ancestors understood as reality given the technology and means to explore worlds beyond the Peranom System. But I digress. It is not the calculation that is most important to me, but rather the message the tattoo sends.

I am real, and this is reality. My tattoo tells me that I was born somewhere, that I have two parents and two brothers, and that I am not some conjured up illusion that will simply fade into obscurity. The people I have known on Valka will have seen this marking, and they will remember our personal connections. I am not only existing here and now, but I existed at that point in time, and that is such a relief. Furthermore are the other markings in sequence which continue the chronicle of Juno, me.

I was raised from childhood to learn, to craft, to love, hunt, and to fight. My markings tell me that I was selected to become a soldier and to function as a long-range scout. I have succeeded in my lessons, or so the markings say. I have ascended to full soldier, and have a badge of honor for defeating one of the terrible creatures on Valka. It tells me that my memories of the hunter are not imagined, and that I am not merely lonely, but that he was real, and that we were paired during my fourth cycle in this very period of Marain... on this day. I am real, and though it pains me so to know what has been taken from me, I am blessed to remember that my life did indeed happen.
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Marain 4324 25 CC

Day 14

I did not know this before, but Rominee has a lover here. The way she jumped to his side and held his hand was precious, and more precious was how he returned her affection. It warms my heart to know that love, or even just intimate companionship, is still found here among people. I cannot imagine this is easy, however, as there is no civilization here. Perhaps there are other couples among the outlying tribes, maybe even children who will grow up here like Ree-ehl. Hopefully they learn how to spell each other's names, for I still have not learned if I have been writing them incorrectly all this time. I pray that my life is not cut short and that one of them picks up this journal. One thing about love and affection here makes me all the more curious of this place, and eats away at the burning question that sprang into my head when I arrived.

Why are we here? I have spent day upon day mulling over this question and have uncovered no real ground. Others have arrived with full memory intact, while some like myself have arrived with next to none, and still further are those who arrive with memories somewhere in between. Not a single one of us seems to be able to paint a picture that might give us clue for the why or how, nor when we might be released. Though I have enjoyed learning and experiencing the wonders I have never laid eyes upon before, I grow tired of having no answers and no clues.
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Marain 4324 26 CC

Day 15

These clumsy behemoths climb up the hill behind the tavern and fall off of the cliff, causing great damage on a regular basis. My goodness, who was the fool who brought them here? It would seem that the others in the tribe have been without solution to stop them as well. Since they have not taken action, I have taken it upon myself to see to both the end of the falling and the preservation of the facility. Once again, I have found myself flying to the volcano atop the great winged beast so that I might collect resources both for this new project and, to be quite honest, for myself.

Again, this mountain was devoid of life. I labored away for much time, watching the sun rise and fall again and again as my personal coffers began to swell. Yet, the most peculiar thing happened. As I started to believe I might really be alone forever out here, I ran into another human. These humans must breed like agirs on Valka, as they are everywhere. That is not to say they have not been kind or that they are funny looking, though their ears are rounded and... well, that is weird. This human was not much different from the rest of the stock I met. After seeing so many of them around, it is my belief that the entire species is small, relatively hardy, but vastly diverse in physical appearance and capability. This is almost the same for Valka, except that we are a larger species and apparently much more hardy than they. They might not think it of me, however, as I am their size. Yet, they do not know that I am considered small for my people.

Anyway, this human seemed agreeable. He calls himself Alfeeuhs, and he lives alone on this volcano... and that is probably not how his named is spelled. I should really stop worrying about the atrocious spelling at this point as they will never see this, and I will probably forget to ask. Why he has such a massive complex up here without any fellow residents is beyond me, but if that is what he wishes then I will not fault him for it. Though, he did make mention that most only come up here to do their own business, much like myself. Perhaps they do not know he is here. After all, he is but one man, and this mountain is quite tall. Perhaps I do not know better of this island's history. In either case, I have learned that he has memories of a time on Urth called the 1950's and early 2000's. I am assuming this means he is at least fifty human years, but perhaps he is much, much older now after having resided on this island for some time. Having heard part of his story, and likening it to my own, I cannot help but feel some sorrow for him as he has been here so long that he no longer cares for seeking a means of escape, yet he remains alone atop this mountain. A shame, really. Maybe one day I will see a different flame in this man, one that reflects the joy he once had on Urth, and maybe the joy that remain.

For now, I look forward to the joy of stopping the brainless giants that fall off the cliff with stone works meant to hold them at bay and preserve the beauty of the isle.
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Day 16

They are dead. Zeeno, Dillin, and Rominee no longer draw breath from this world. Their mortal vessels have ceased to function, but there is no sign of violence, disease, or suffering. It is quite strange that they have suddenly departed without a clue of why. On Valka, it is known that a person simply may not wake, though this is almost exclusively for the very eldest of people and is understood as one of the signs of natural death. These humans and the submariner each exhibited health and some youth, which leads me to wonder just what happened, and I suspect it is not simply passing in their sleep.

Dameen is nowhere to be found either. Yet I suspect he has locked himself in that glass box on the coast of this isle and may not come out for some time. Perhaps he has gone on some journey without warning. I do not even know if he is aware that these three have passed on, and I suspect he may be filled with great sorry upon this revelation, especially for the loss of Rominee. I am not certain what is to become of this place however, as I learned that Zeeno was in fact the one in charge while Rominee acted as an executive officer or perhaps a steward of sorts. Without either of them here, I would suspect that Dameen would take charge. Perhaps he may return soon. I shall keep this in mind should he be ready to discuss it.

Who I am left with are Buingu and Maryam. Buingu is... strange, while both Maryam and I are still relatively new to this world. I have no doubt that we can figure out what to do with some time, but it will not be an easy road, and the struggles ahead of us are likely only just beginning. My hope is that Zeeno and Rominee have left us in good hands.

Farewell to the fallen. May life grant you favor when the time comes for you to be born anew.
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Day 17

The passing of three all at once has been quite unnerving as now we have no direction. With Zeeno gone, it would have left Rominee in charge of the operations. Yet, she too has passed away. The only other veteran here I see is Bwingoo, but I do not feel he is up to the challenge of leadership, nor do I believe that he believes in himself. This leaves Dameen, who has not yet shown his face. Perhaps he needs some time to grieve as he and the others were close; at least he and Rominee. But where does this leave Maryam and me?

Maryam has busied herself with a project, but I am not certain if she has any interest in the matters on this isle. While she has taken it upon herself to beautify the tavern's main hall, it would seem that she is all together in a world unto herself. Perhaps that is her coping mechanism until she becomes more familiar with this world. As for myself, I am content with my own project for oversees voyages, though I am struggling to keep to the task as the future of this tribe depends on all of us. Perhaps I will gather Maryam and Bwingoo for a talk to decide what should be done. Perhaps I will speak to someone more senior on this world to advice.
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Day 18

Today has been productive. Maryam and Bwingoo have met with me and we have little idea for the course of action, though we have agreed to continue to wait on Dameen and to begin renovations on the tavern.

There are no windows on the upper floors, which feels too enclosed and cut of from the life outside. The garden above yields nothing, and the brainless beasts have destroyed the glass house that surrounded it. However, with the new cage, we have ensured the safety of our crops and greenhouse when we begin again. Repairs are also in the works among the walls, and soon the entire structure will once more be pristine. I do not know how the humans put up with the method of maintenance before. If I am honest, it felt very inefficient.

Bwingoo has shown himself to be quite capable. He moves resources with surprising speed, given his long body and small frame. I wonder if he is really human or perhaps something else entirely that I am not aware of. But I do not care. He has proven himself useful, and that is enough. Given time, perhaps Dameen will rejoin the fold and the rest of us will not have to labor with quite as much intensity.
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Day 19

Just when I thought our problems could not be any worse, they have worsened. Three deaths, two of them being prominent tribe members, is enough to swallow, let alone the care being poured into the tavern, all the creatures - the messy masses of domesticated creatures - and the projects we have each taken upon ourselves. To our dismay, the one known as Krunk has informed us of an outstanding debt left behind by Zeeno. I expected as much to find at least something unattended to left behind by the human, but not a debt owned to an outsider, least of all one I have never met. Worse is that Bwingoo had no knowledge of any deal struck between Zeeno and Krunk, and still Dameen has not shown his face. I can only imagine he is hiding in that glass box, withering away in tears. Goodness me, I hope he has not ended himself too.

This Krunk has left word that the exchange was a discounted deal for beer in exchange for some sort of gel. Unfortunately, the sum required was greater than the sum in our coffers. Yet, I felt that this problem of ours may be a ticket to something greater. This idea drove me to promise Krunk that the debt would be paid in full without complaint nor unnecessary action. It only took some time before I realized that the strange gel he spoke of was the same exotic substance I pulled from the ocean depths when I brought the two unfortunate-looking creatures back with me. Lucky me. I had the remaining resource to clear the outstanding debt, to ensure future discounts and, I hope, secure a friend to our remaining tribe members. Sometimes good news comes from bad situations.

Speaking of news, Maryam and I have encountered strange fellows across the long bridge around the thirty-third hour. One, in particular, calls himself Skizzo... I think. He is a small man, disproportionate, strange-looking, and- well, I do not know what he is. He does not look human, nor Valka, nor submariner. His legs are perhaps the size of my forearms, yet his arms are the size of my torso, as is his torso. I do not know what to make of him, but see seems friendly enough. This Skizzo calls himself "The Builder", and he as constructed a dwelling along the cliff face near Maryam's cabin for he and his brothers.

Apparently, they had purchased safe passage for a voyage to a new land, but woke and found themselves stranded here. That is quite unfortunate for them, especially if Skizzo is anything to judge by. He does not seem like the sort to cause trouble or warrant being marooned in a place like this. Though, now I wonder if something more sinister is at play here.

I shall learn of it in due time.
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Day 20

I have met another of this group across the long bridge. He calls himself Hanning. I think that is Nevermind spelling. He does not appear as his brother does, but rather carries himself with a lanky, scrawny body. He almost looks sickly, if I were to be blunt. Though, like Skizzo, he appears to be kind and means well. Yet, I did not learn much about him. It would appear that he is the hunter, however, as he was attempting to tame several beasts at once. He also apologized for building nearby, though he is across the water. Hanning claims that they built nearby in order to enter the tavern and drink beer often. I suppose that is one reason to build close. Perhaps Maryam may like him too. However, I cannot imagine Bwingoo's reaction as he is quite a strange individual himself.

I wonder what Dameen might think. I wonder if he is still alive, and if so, I wonder if he is well of mind. 237 hours have passed, and Dameen has still not shown his face. What is more, there was some sort of meeting upon the volcano which I attended with Bwingoo. It was a good experience, and nice to see others from across the island, but I am not a senior member of the tribe. To be honest, I had no idea what to say. This was supposed to be Dameen's realm of expertise, but alas he is still absent.

Maybe the three of us are alone...