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Below we will some facts about the recolors and kits.

  • Dino Recolors are NOT Warpaint, they cannot be removed by other players.
  • Dino Recolors affect breeding color traits as the commands change the natural colors of the creature. Colorful babehs!
  • Once a dino is recolored, and the transaction is done, you will have to spend another recolor to change it later on.
  • Once a skin is selected, or another item for that matter, it cannot be refunded at a later date.
  • Recolors/Kit items can be compensated if lost due to being a victim of a rule violation.
  • Recolors/Kit Items are reissued in the event of a wipe or a rollback.
  • There are some creatures that cannot be recolored unfortunately. (Mesopithicus, Dodo's)
  • Kits are shareable across maps. However once one item is claimed on one map, it cannot be claimed on another map. (If you have 3 recolors, and you use one on The Center, and the other on Scorched Earth, you will have 1 remaining.)

If you'd like to donate, send me a message and I can send you the links and information you'll need to do so :).

Image of what the Black and White unicorns look like for donators.

Older Kits(Not acquireable anymore):
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