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The Black Summit Sheriffs are our way of assisting in peaceful resolutions to problems that may arise on the island.

To know if someone is a Sheriff, you needn't look any further than their specially colored birds/pteranadons, as well as their name itself. Only people with the word Sheriff in their names are actually sheriffs. Anyone with the name Sheriff in their name that isn't on the list below must be reported to an admin for an immediate forced name change. Constant abuse will result in a ban.

Current Sheriff's
- Sheriff Cassius
- Sheriff Adronde

Current Scribe's
- Scribe Caoin
- Scribe Juno

Below we will detail their abilities, what kindof problems they will handle, potential jurisdictions, and so on.

What sortof powers does the Black Summit have?
- With enough votes, the destruction of property/turrets
- With enough votes, the murder of some dinosaurs.
- With enough votes, the eviction of an individual. (All of these are moderated by administrative action to ensure it doesn't get too abusive or destructive.)

Black Summit Sheriff's
What can Sheriffs do?
- Act as a police force that is backed by the entire island when resolving issues.
- If the High Council deems it so, they can act on orders that involve detaining, killing of people/dinosaurs, or destruction of property should it be necissary.
- Discourage someone from being in an area, if they do not live there.
- Stop you and question you on your intent. Fleeing could result in death.
- Act as a sortof chat moderator should the chat get unruly. Disobeying a Sheriff could result in an administrative OOC action.
- They can moderate the forums and chat both IC and OOC.

What sortof limitations do the Sheriffs have?
- Sheriff's are cycled out weekly. Typically a Sheriff cannot be re-elected. However with a unanimous vote, they can be re-elected.
- A Sheriff's jurisdiction ends within the region in which they live to avoid bias's.
- A Sheriff cannot use their special fliers outside of Sheriff related duties.
- If a Sheriff gets too abusive with their abilities, they can have their Sheriff title revoked and their equipment removed.

What kindof issues would the Sheriffs get involved in?
- Social issues. Two groups not getting along.
- Counter raiding an unfair raid.
- Theft of goods.
- Murdering of a tamed or in progress tame of a creature.
- Chat related issues.

What sortof equipment do the Sheriffs have access to?
- Super fast spawned in Pteranadons/Argentavis's.
- Heavy amounts of smoke grenades/poison grenades.
- Heavy amounts of explosives and ammo to ensure the peace is kept, WITH EXPLOSIONS.

What is expected of a Sheriff?
- Must be ready to assist in the resolution of problems that get out of hand.
- Keep the chat civil and respectful. As well as ensuring people keep OOC things OOC and IC things IC.
- When resolving an issue in person, a Sheriff must always be In Character. If they are not going to be In Character, they must inform people in chat.
- Being completely impartial and unbiased.
- Keep killing and detaining as a last resort.
- Be respectful of other players. Unless someone is being rude and disrespectful themselves, then they get a shotgun to the face.

Black Summit Scribes

What can Scribes do?
- Scribes act as assistants to Sheriffs and the overall council.
- They can moderate the forums and chat both IC and OOC.

What sortof limitations do the Scribes have?
- They do not get involved in social matters or in the resolution of serious issues between players. However they can moderate chat and ensure things are kept out of it if it gets too toxic.
- They cannot engage in combat of other players on behalf of the Black Summit or even as a moderator.

What kindof issues would the Scribes get involved in?
- Chat and forum moderation.
- Offering up help and tips to other players and overall being helpful.

What sortof equipment do the Scribes have access to?
- A very high level and fast Pelagornis.

What is expected of a Scribe?
- They are to help with ingame issues through chat. If a player is stuck they are charged with assisting those players. However Scribes are players too and they are not 100% oblidged to help all the time.
- They are charged with the assistance of other community moderators and admins. They are there to basically make life alot easier for myself and others.
- They are supposed to be quite active and have a mic to communicate with other community staff members.
- They are charged with the moderation of chat and the forums to ensure the community remains respectful and non-toxic.
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As a bit of an announcement, Adronde has been made a Sheriff to even out the activity of available sheriffs.
While not voted for, I hope this will help fill the time gaps.
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I have finally added a section explaining the Scribes and what their duties are. I thought I added it in, but apparently I derped and forgot. Never the less, there it is! :D
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