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Below is the template you should use when requesting a name change. However first I will detail some general rules on the matter to keep things fair.

  • You may not request a name change more than once.
  • You may not request a character change more than once.
  • The name cannot be innapropriate.
  • For the character experience transferred you MUST have a screenshot of your characters inventory and post it in your application.

Something to keep in mind when your character name dos get changed is that if you have anything personally owned (Dinos, structures), it will show your previous name, however it will not restrict your characters access to these items as it's more of a visual bug than anything.

If you are recreating your character please remember it will not put you back in your tribe, you will need to reclaim all of your dinos and so on. The tribe is an easy fix, however personally owned dinos scattered all over are a nightmare for an admin to hunt down for you. So please do as much of this on your own rather than asking us to do this for you, it'd be a great help. Also, personally owned structures CANNOT be fixed. You will have to change your governance rules in your tribe and replace every structure by hand.

While character recreation is something that can easily be done by the player, we offer a 1 time opportunity for you to be given all the experience from your current character, over to your new one.

[Name Change Application]

Current Name:
New Name:
Reason For Change:
Is this a simple name change, or a whole new story/rp character?

[Character Recreation Application]

Current Name:
New Name:
Do you have any personally owned dinos/structures?:
Reason For Change:
If you have a screenshot, please provide a link to it at the bottom of your application.

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