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Alpheus / Aug 09, 2016 / Ark News

This treasure hunt has been discontinued as I have now made the redwood tree craftableIn this post I will be detailing how you can get your very own Redwood Tree.At the moment the redwood tree plot is disabled to avoid any sortof issues that may a...

Alpheus / Jul 25, 2016 / Ark News

Apologies for the late news post.If you're curious of what was discussed during this meeting, head on over to the following thread, courtesy of Juno :).

Alpheus / Jul 09, 2016

Another meeting I forgot to take a screenshot of :(. Either way, if you'd like to see what was discussed, feel free to make your way over to this thread.

Alpheus / Jun 18, 2016 / Ark News

Unfortunately for this week I forgot to take a picture. The meeting itself was very impromptu, we weren't able to host one last week due to low attendance. But this one turned out quite well.Dont worry, we'll be getting on a weekly schedule again ...

Alpheus / May 24, 2016 / Community News

While I am 3 days late (doh!) on making this post, I thought i'd take the time to fill you guys in on the first Black Summit meeting. This one wasn't anything fancy, or even scheduled. I announced in chat that i'd like us to have a meeting, and af...

Alpheus / May 08, 2016 / Community News

It took a while. And it's not 100% just yet. But the Rust server is finally up and running and able to take on players. Right now the rules are heavily enforced, however the factions aspect will grow over time and nothing will immediately take pla...